Cancer treatment by radiation and explosion

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Scientists from America have developed a "working" drug for the prevention of squamous cell carcinoma.

Scientists in the study process, which was published in the publication of Clinical Cancer Research, described in detail the mechanisms of oncology anatomy. They are convinced that only one enzyme (which is in response to the synthesis of inflammatory mediators) and one receptor (the growth factor of the epidermis) plays a major role here. American scientists believe that minimizing the risk of occurrence and the risk of developing an illness will be in the event that block this enzyme and receptor. For people with precancerous conditions, such a lock is of particular relevance and significance.

American medicines created by American scientists have already been thoroughly tested. Work in this direction is planned to continue. Doctors do not say anything about the possibility of using this medication for the treatment of an already developed oncogeneum. At the same time, the latest developments in this area allow us to hope that all fears concerning one of the most terrible diseases on Earth will be found in the past. This can be talked about thanks to the latest developments by scientists from the United States and Europe.

Doctors working in the field of radiation therapy for cancer, are convinced that the full recovery of a person suffering from this ailment is a reality. And some of their developments will be available in countries located in the post-Soviet space.

Borne-neutron capture therapy is one of the most promising ways to treat cancer. The essence of this method is that the patient is given a boron compound, namely, a specific form of this substance. Patients tissue boron absorb very actively. This is due to the fact that such cells have a much less intense metabolism than healthy ones.

Once the cell absorbs the boron, it is exposed to irradiation. It is influenced by neutrons. The irradiation that the patient receives causes the body as a whole to do much less harm than conventional radiotherapy. But when the rays affect the atoms of boron, there is a unique reaction, and directly in cancerous tissues. As a result, the dose of irradiation, which "gets" to the patient's material, is several times higher than the dose received by good tissues.

The diseased tissues warm up very much, the temperature inside them increases. High temperature contributes to the death of diseased tissue. Thus, only oncocal cells are selectively killed, while healthy tissues do not have a negative effect. Such a technique for treatment of cancer can be called a real breakthrough in the world of medicine.

Nowadays, American and European physicians have devoted all their efforts to developing chemicals that can provide more intensive delivery of boron to diseased tissue. It is also important for scientists that the substance acts "legibly". Getting into the body, the boron at the right moment carries a kind of "explosion" that kills all bad cells.

Still, American scientists are actively promoting proton therapy. Here, positively charged elementary particles are used to irradiate the diseased tissue. Proton therapy allows you to influence the tumor, which is at the very depth of the body. Such therapy can be used to treat tumors of the nasal sinuses, eyes and prostate gland, lung cancer, and others. Minus in such treatment is only one - high price. The cost of treatment for one patient is approximately fifty thousand dollars.

Cancer treatment by radiation and explosion
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