Cancer psychosomatics: stress cancer cancer

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Chronic stress increases the likelihood of malignant tumors.

Stress makes a complex effect on the body: all organs and systems are activated, the hormonal background changes, the body proceeds from the state of internal equilibrium. If this effect lasts a long time, a person's immune system weakens.

Weakened immunity is a cause for concern

Reduced immunity leads to increased susceptibility to various infectious, autoimmune diseases and malignant neoplasms. If a healthy organism instantly neutralizes pathological cells, without allowing them to grow into a tumor and to cause damage, then, weakened by stress, it can not effectively deal with them. Stress reduces the protective function, and cancer cells begin to develop rapidly.

It is believed that cancer is present in all, just not everyone survives to it. Cancer cells can really appear in any person at any time of life, but the immune system usually finds them and does not allow the tumor to develop. If the body is weakened, then the growth of pathologic cells appeared to be difficult to stop. Stress can promote both the appearance and division of cancer cells. Under the action of stressors, the hypothalamic-pituitary system, whose action is directed at regulating the production of hormones, is activated. Changing the hormonal background can lead to the appearance of cancerous cells at a time when the body is weakened, the immunity is reduced and to fight them, in fact, nobody.

Psychosomatics of cancer

Studies have shown that, as a rule, cancer develops from one year to one and a half after a person has experienced some traumatic, tragic event. Heavy experiences serve as a trigger for all these processes.

Of course, not all people who have experienced severe stress, are necessarily ill with cancer. Much depends on people's ability to manage their emotions and attitudes towards events. The risk of developing cancer first appears in those who can not cope with the situation and solve the problem. In this case, a serious illness or even death at an unconscious level is considered as an outcome.

If a person drops hands and seems, then the body will not resist diseases and will enable them to develop. Therefore, never fall in spirit.

Cancer psychosomatics: stress cancer cancer
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