Canadian scientists have identified a deadly dose of coffee

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Scientists from Canada figured out how many cups of coffee per day you can drink without risk to health.

According to experts, a person can take up to 400 mg of caffeine, that is, two medium-sized cups of coffee per day. At the same time, the damage to health will be minimal.

If you drink one large cup of a cheerful drink, it will contain three quarters of a daily dose of caffeine.

However, scientists have noted that the indicators of "norms" depend on genetic factors and gender of a person. Also, harmlessness and a daily dose of coffee are influenced by the medical preparations that a person takes. So, when using contraceptives, caffeine is absorbed more slowly.

By the way, the daily coffee rate for pregnant women is half the standard daily dose: only 20 milligrams. In other words - one average serving of coffee.

A deadly dose of caffeine is a portion of 10,000 mg. This is about 75 cups of coffee per day.

Canadian scientists have identified a deadly dose of coffee
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