Can a pregnant woman walk in heels

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In the period of bearing a child, every woman wants to look good, and for many - heeled shoes are considered the most important addition to the stylish image. Whether harmful hairpins and a high platform for a pregnant woman tell physicians, what they do it constantly when a woman registers pregnancy.

There are no categorical statements about wearing footwear on studs, but there are warnings that a woman wearing a child under the heart should take note of and it is desirable to listen to the recommendations of the doctor. The point is that heeled shoes are not in themselves very useful in terms of the health of the joints of the legs and spine, as during the walking on high studs the center of gravity moves to the legs and the spine is defeated.

One can not but mention the fact that beautiful heel shoes often cause swelling of the legs, and pregnant women are already prone to edema. Moreover, varicose veins are also present due to such a heavy load on the legs. In the case of pregnant women who can not imagine their life without such shoes, doctors can wear it, but with compression tights or stockings that will support their legs, and if the time of stay in heels is reduced to a minimum.

If you carry a child, then you must understand that a high heel is a death for your spine, the strength and health of which you need during childbirth and the period after the birth of a child. Choose shoes with heels, the length of which does not exceed 7 centimeters, the insole and lift should have anatomical shape, supporting the foot. It is desirable that the shoes are made of natural materials that will not bring you skin diseases and other discomfort. And what's important is that you should be comfortable, every step should not be accompanied by pain from the fact that the shoes are too narrow or small on you.

By the way, the most fundamental factor, which is why doctors prohibit pregnant women from wearing high-heeled shoes, there is a risk of injury. Many women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy can not concentrate their attention, keep balance, and so on, which can serve as a spontaneous fall, leg fracture or open wounds on their knees. Do you want to be pregnant in gypsum? Even worse, if a high heel provokes your fall on the stomach that can result in serious consequences and even loss of the baby.

Can a pregnant woman walk in heels
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