Can pregnancy cure your tooth?

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There is a question that many women ask themselves: "Can pregnancy treat teeth or not?". The answer to it is simple: you can and need to follow certain rules.

Problems with teeth are common during pregnancy. Any dentist will tell you that it is possible to treat teeth during pregnancy. In the west, there are even dental clinics for pregnant women.

Why pay special attention to teeth during pregnancy

During the development of the embryo in the womb, the future baby needs calcium. If the body is lacking, the baby extracts it partly from the mother's teeth and bones. Therefore, there are problems that will help you solve the right nutrition and visit a dentist who needs to treat teeth during pregnancy.

Carious cavities, inflamed gums can become sources of infection in the mother's body. Therefore, timely treatment of teeth during pregnancy is possible, as it will help prevent their loss.

Is it possible to treat teeth in pregnant women?

We offer a few simple guidelines that will help you eliminate the doubts about the need and the ability to treat teeth during pregnancy.

Can pregnancy cure your tooth?
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