Can gastritis cure

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Is it possible to cure gastritis, depending on its form and severity, as well as from age and concomitant diseases.

Of course, a young organism is much easier to overcome this illness than a man of mature age. It is much more difficult to cure an elderly person, whose metabolic processes are weakened and slowed down.

However, the question of whether it is possible to cure chronic gastritis, most doctors will answer affirmatively. The fact is that dietary habits strongly affect the digestive process. In our time, ordinary people are available low-nutritional products that contain natural milk replacers, sour cream and butter, and a large amount of preservatives and flavors. There is an aggressive propaganda of the consumption of synthetic carbonated drinks.

At the same time, most of the work is not possible to eat normally: either there is no breaks, resulting in food in a damp, in a hurry; Or not near public catering; Or all together. And the length of the working day is often 10 hours and more, so people can eat normally only late at night, if they are able to cook. Therefore, it is imperceptibly used to be the usual fast food, questionable semi-finished and carbonated drinks. Complete the picture with a huge amount of stress and low resistance to them.

The first thing you need to do to fully treat chronic gastritis is to organize proper nutrition. It is better to do it right after treatment of exacerbation, when it is possible to expand the diet. In the old days, the general diet was treated with gastritis. Nowadays, after the abolition of the diet number 1 or number 2 (depending on the acidity), it is recommended to go for 1 month or more for diet number 5 to form normal stereotypes of motor and secretory functions of the entire digestive tract. For this reason, gastric diet 5 is appropriate.

Diet # 5 stimulates bile secretion, improves pancreas, and intestinal peristalsis. This diet limits refractory fats, foods rich in cholesterol, extractives (meat and fish broths). It is limited to fried, spicy, salty, and also highly cooled food. The recommended method of preparation - boiling or steaming, the first dishes (soups) of vegetarian or on very weak (secondary) broths.

Proceeding from the long-term observance of the diet, a stereotype of proper nutrition is formed, the desire for surrogate products is overcome and the digestion is normalized. On this soil, the body self-healing, gets rid of chronic gastritis.

More complicated is the issue with running forms of gastritis, when already occurred irreversible changes in the glands and the mucous membrane of the walls of the stomach. For example, is it possible to cure atrophic gastritis? Only in the initial stages of atrophic changes can you get rid of the disease as such. It is important to understand that atrophic areas of the mucus never recover, they irreversibly lost their structure and function.

Other healthy areas of the mucus will take on "increased obligations" and will perform dual work, ensuring the normal functions of the body as a whole.

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Can gastritis cure
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