By weight of a person it is impossible to determine the state of his health

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Even a normal body mass index can not guarantee a lack of health problems. As experts have found, if a person has a large amount of waist, the risk of respiratory problems, heart disease and cancer is still elevated, writes The Times of India. Scientists have analyzed data from over 600,000 people from around the world.

It turned out that men with a waist volume of 100 centimeters or more have a 50% increased risk of death than men with a waist of less than 89 centimeters. This resulted in a decrease in the life expectancy after 40 years for about three years. For women, the waist size of 93 centimeters increased the risk of death by 80% compared with the waist volume at a maximum of 68.5 centimeters. And this resulted in a reduction in the life expectancy of five years.

Thus, with each increase in the waist volume by 5 centimeters, the risk of death increased by 7% for men and by about 9% for women. And the increased risk of death was noted for any Body Mass Index. The magnitude of the study, conducted under the guidance of James Kerhan of the Mayo Clinic, suggests that the conclusion is unambiguous.

According to him, the body mass index is a bad marker, because there is no separation of muscle and fat mass. He also does not provide information on the localization of fat deposits

By weight of a person it is impossible to determine the state of his health
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