Bursitis: species and signs

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Treatment of bursitis and the prognosis of the disease largely depends on its type.

By the nature of the disease are distinguished

Acute and chronic bursitis. In the composition of the exudate - serous and purulent. The most common bursitis at the site of inflammation is the knee, elbow and shoulder.

Acute bursitis

The disease proceeds violently. It often begins with pains in the joint, swelling, visible to the naked eye, and general fever. Cured in uncomplicated cases in one to two weeks. However, it creates the preconditions for the emergence of chronic bursitis.

Chronic bursitis

It flows slowly, less pronounced. Chronic form is dangerous because the tissue around the joint can grow and limit the mobility of the bones. Sometimes, calcium deposits in the synovial bag, which also complicate the movement, are added to it.

Serous bursitis

It is inflammation without penetration of acne infection. In a liquid that fills a synovial bag, with almost no pus, with the fact that the swelling of the tumor becomes less painful.

Purulent bursitis

The disease is accompanied by the development of germinal infection, a sharp pain at the same time as the protuberance, the tumor becomes red, the pain becomes pulsating, the temperature of the swelling increases and, possibly, the total body temperature.

Elbow bursitis

According to statistics, this is the most common form of bursitis. The elbow is the most vulnerable, it is often injured and overloaded.

Golfer, tennis player, bodybuilder, elbow bursitis develops due to overload, and kickboxers, judoists, and Sambs - through blows, strong blows to the elbow. In the area of ​​risk are fans of rollers and skates, stunts on a skateboard.

Prolonged pressure on the elbow (when based on its weight) leads to chronic bursitis of shoemakers, jewelers, watchmakers and wrestlers who rub their elbows on the rug.

The first symptom of elbow bursitis often becomes swelling. On the elbow, it is well tested, almost always visible visually.

Subsequently, in the synovial bag, the fluid accumulates, it stretches, the tumor grows and begins to restrict movement in the elbow joint. There is a pain.

With purulent bursitis there is also redness, swelling becomes hot to the touch. With these symptoms you should seek medical advice as soon as possible, as the infection can go over and on the other joints of the hands.

With proper and timely treatment, the elbow bursitis is completely cured.

Shoulder bursitis

He often strikes novice bodybuilders and bodybuilders who, with weak muscles, shoulder and back dramatically increase the burden on the shoulder belt.

It can provoke exercises that are carried out over the head with heavy weight: lifting the bar jerks, waves of weights and dumbbells. It can also be the result of a shoulder injury when falling.

Unlike the elbow bursitis, in this case swelling is rarely seen both in appearance and in palpation.

The main symptom is a pain in rotational movements and attempts to lift one's hand. It is difficult to get a hand on the head, do not get combed, when you press on the shoulder there are unpleasant sensations.

The pain may be given in the neck or in the hand. Launched bursitis may end up with practically complete property of the shoulder joint.

Knee bursitis

Develops athletes who often suffer knee injuries (footballers, skates, rollers), as well as people who are forced to stand on their knees long at work (gardeners, car mechanics, plumbers).

Symptoms of the disease: swelling of the knee joint, pain around it, aggravated during walking


Bursitis: species and signs
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