Burns by burning: treatment

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Burns with boiling water are a thermal damage to the tissues of the body under the influence of high temperature water. When treating burns with boiling water it is important to adhere to certain rules.

Since the boiling water has a definite temperature, the area of ​​burn and the duration of the damaging action comes out to the foreground.

In household conditions, burning boiling water rarely develops into a threatening condition; on the other hand, when breaks in heating mains, accidents in factories and other similar situations, burns with boiling water are usually large and can have a large depth of damage.

Than dangerous burns boiling water

  1. The first and second degree of burns has a standard for all types of burns, a picture of reddening of the skin, superficial pain and the formation of blisters with a transparent content (for burns of the second degree).
  2. Burns of boiling water of the third degree are manifested pallor of the skin with a characteristic white-mouveau color and test.
  3. Even shallow first and second degree burns are dangerous for large skin damage, as they can develop burn infections or even a burn shock - a dangerous state with a defeat of all organs and systems of the body.

First aid for burns with boiling water

First aid for burns with boiling water is to eliminate the harmful factor as quickly as possible and effectively cool the damaged surface with cold running water, ice, etc. Cooling for 15-20 minutes reduces the risk of further progression of thermal damage.

It is highly recommended not to smear damaged areas with oil, sour cream and ointments on an oil-based basis - all this only reduces the heat output and complicates the flow of the process. With the presence in the first aid kit of special burn ointments with analgesic and cooling components, you can use one of them. The pronounced pain syndrome can be stopped by taking an analgesic inside.

If the burn has reached the second degree and on the surface of the skin formed bubbles, it is better to go to the injury center at the place of residence - the doctor will accurately diagnose the degree of burn, treat the surface and prescribe treatment.

When there is no access to a doctor, after the first aid in the form of cooling of the affected surface and anesthesia, the primary treatment is performed with the removal of foreign bodies from the burn area and disinfection of the skin around it with an antiseptic remedy.

Small and medium-sized bubbles are better not to reveal. In order to avoid infection, drain bubbles can be accurately punctured with a sterile needle near the base. After lumbar puncture the skin of the bubble is not removed, as it plays the role of a biological patch, which protects the burning surface from the infection of agents.

The surface of the burn is treated levometsitinovoy ointment with a soothing component and closed with a sterile bandage. Bandages are done every two days. If manure appears on the damaged surface, bandages are made more often, and ointments are replaced with antiseptic solutions (for example, chlorhexidine).

The bite of the third and higher degree is treated in the hospital: high probability of development of complications in the form of burn disease, infection. The same applies to burns with damage to large surfaces of the body.

In this case, all pre-natal assistance to the victim will consist of pain relief, wrapping in a blanket, mineral water and prompt delivery of ambulance.

Burns by burning: treatment
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