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Incorrect bite and crooked teeth - this is not only a cosmetic defect, it is a violation of normal chewing of food, which also entails problems with digestion. There are different methods to fix the bite.

Wrong development of the jaw when distorted teeth leads to breathing problems, speech impairment. Therefore, it is necessary to timely correct bite anomalies.

Bite problems

Uneven teeth that grow in different directions or accumulated in the jawbone are not only an aesthetic problem. Such teeth can not fully fulfill their main mission. Load on uneven teeth are uneven, they are more likely to wear out and injure, causing significant damage to periodontal tissues. Poorly chopped food, getting into the stomach, digested with difficulty, because of this, the metabolism suffers and the delivery of nutritional components of the body's nutrition deteriorates.

In addition, teeth that are improperly located in the tooth row, it is more difficult to qualitatively and fully clean from plaque, it is difficult to treat them with caries, they often give diseases of the gums and surrounding tissues. Therefore, dentists always insist on correcting the bite. In childhood, these defects are easier and more likely to be corrected. However, there are also effective measures for adults.

Can bite fix

Dandruff bite as the child grows replaced by permanent teeth, they are tightly located in the jaw, but do not grow up with the bone stationary. Each tooth in the jaw has its own well, where it is kept dense tissue - periodontal. This fabric performs the functions of fixing the tooth, damping when chewing, makes the connection of the root of the tooth with a plastic hole. It is these properties of tissue periodontal can be used to correct bite.

Bug fix methods

Bite can be fixed by mechanical and functional devices.

  • Functional devices, or trainer, are used to correct the bite of children up to 10-12 years old. They can slow down or activate the growth of jaws, change the width of the palate and shape of the jaw bones. They are effective in fully formed bone skeleton. These are plastic structures that put on the teeth or fasten on the jaw.
  • The mechanical means influence the teeth by means of the pressure of the system of plates, springs and arches. These funds can be removable and non-removable. Removable systems are used mainly in children under 10-12 years old. There is a production of a prosthesis (plate) from a special plastic on the individual mites of the lower or upper jaw. They fasten them with special hooks, putting on the jaws. Plates are removed before eating and before brushing the teeth, as the patch is fixed, the plates are adjusted. They are easy to use, but children do not like to wear them, they are often removed.
  • Innovative designs are systems that can not be worn independently, only dentist strengthens them by a special scheme and an individual design. Such are the braces - a system of locks with grooves and wire (or its analogs), which fasten on the dental rows. Due to distributed pressure there is correction of bite. These systems are fixed for a few months and even years, they are used by adolescents over 12 years of age and adults.
  • Sometimes you only need to fix the front teeth, more precisely, their cosmetic masking without moving. This is achieved by gluing special masking veneers, which are individually prepared on the teeth and simply stick to the surface of the teeth, making it visually white and even.
Bug fixes: methods
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