Brucellosis: symptoms and treatment

Brucellosis (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

What is brucellosis, what are its causes and mechanisms of development, how the disease proceeds and which are possible complications.

Brucellosis is referred to as an infectious disease characterized by impaired locomotor and reproductive apparatus, as well as cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Causes and mechanisms

Brucellosis pathogens - brucella, most often epidemic outbreaks due to Brucella melitensis Brucella.

Infected people are usually from domestic animals: cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, etc.

Infection occurs either in direct contact with animals (most often the disease is susceptible to veterinarians, farmers, shepherds and people who hold pets), or through infected milk and meat.

Moreover, in products of animal origin and drinking water Brucella can live for a very long time - up to six months, withstand even freezing. Bacteria quickly die when boiling, pasteurizing and treating with antiseptics.

To infect humans, brucellosis may be enough for just ten bacteria that have got into the digestive or respiratory tract, or through direct contact with the blood through damaged skin.

After getting into the internal environment, brucella penetrates into the lymphatic system and from there it gets into the systemic blood flow. There, part of the bacteria die under the influence of the body's defenses, which leads to the release of toxin from them.

In addition to the direct damaging toxic effect of brucelli, causing in the body a number of immune alterations, which leads to severe allergies, which is a defeat of the internal organs.

Clinical picture

A hidden period after infection can last from a week to two to three months.

Most often, the clinical picture unfolds in the third week of the disease from appearing complaints of insomnia, headache, increased body temperature, pain in the muscles and joints; Possible causal euphoria.

With acute flow, body temperature can reach 40 degrees, but people with brucellosis still show high activity. Due to damage to the nervous apparatus, various psychiatric disorders may occur.

Often people with brucellosis are concerned about various diseases of the cardiovascular system. The skin can be covered with various rashes.

An acute form of the disease usually goes unnoticed in three months, but its chronicity with a long and eroded course of illness is possible.

In this case, the reproductive apparatus of a person often suffers: men may have orchitis and prostatitis; in pregnant women, miscarriages and stillbirths are often present.


For diagnostics blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes are used to detect brucella.

Highly effective immunological examination methods that show the presence of these pathogens in the body.

In addition, X-ray examination methods are used for differential diagnostics with diseases that occur with the damage of the locomotor system.

Treatment, prevention and prognosis

Treatment of brucellosis involves mandatory hospitalization, bed rest and special diet. Also, prescribe several antibiotics, antiallergic drugs and vitamins of groups C and B.

Apply and physical therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, ultrasound and other, mostly to relieve local symptoms related to the musculoskeletal system.

To prevent brucellosis, thermal treatment of animal products and vaccination of people at risk are recommended.

The outlook is generally favorable, but partial partial loss of ability to work due to defeat of the bone and muscular system.

Brucellosis: symptoms and treatment

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