Breast milk thistle

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In the vast majority of cases, when referring to the thrush, each person presents lesions of the skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs, which affects mostly women. Indeed, this variant of the development of events is most likely, but the patient may experience fungal lesions of the epithelium of other localizations, including nipple candidiasis. This disease can occur only in women during the natural feeding of the child, but it is caused by the same agent as other types of candidiasis - yeasts of the genus Candida.

Breast milk in nursing mothers is quite common, but many specialists-gynecologists, surgeons and pediatricians are far from always able to establish the correct diagnosis, which increases the probability of infecting a newborn and infant.

When breastfeeding, ideal conditions for the fungus-causative agent (humidity, nutritional medium, body temperature) are created, and at a timely examination, the diagnosis can be established even visually, after examination by the doctor. To confirm the diagnosis seems to be a pinch from the surface of the nipple, but such a study as a sample of milk, does not always give a reliable result - the pathogen can be present on the skin of a completely healthy person, but his livelihoods will be controlled by the immune system of the host organism.

How can I determine breast milk?

As with other types of candidiasis, the disease has characteristic symptoms characteristic of it:

Breast milk thistle
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