Brain shot: treatment, mode and diet

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After such a serious injury as a concussion of the brain, it is necessary to undergo a specialized course of treatment and rehabilitation.

The main direction of treatment is the restoration of impaired blood circulation in the brain, which inevitably occurs during an injury. Disturbed blood circulation can be the cause of seizures, memory impairment, and in some cases stroke.

First aid when shaking

Independent assistance to victims are associated with some risk for his health, so it is best to minimize self-help and speed up the arrival of a professional. Even if the injury is regarded as light, it is better to call an ambulance - often the concussion of a brain unfolds the complete clinical picture only after some time after injury.

If a person has no fracture of the skull base and spine fracture, it is necessary to provide a comfortable horizontal position - on the flat surface with slightly raised head end.

If a person is more than 10 minutes unconscious, measures should be taken to facilitate his breathing and to prevent blockage of the respiratory tract.

For this, the victim is put to the right side, turning his face to the ground and slightly throwing his head. The extremities are placed in such a position that the human body remains in the position given to him.

If a concussion is accompanied by certain open injuries should be taken to stop the bleeding - apply a sterile dressing, tourniquet (to extremities).

Mode and diet

All concussions of the brain, regardless of severity, begin to be treated in a hospital setting. As a rule, if the injury is fairly light, a person is assigned a severe bed rest for one to three days; for at least three days after removing the bed rest, a person must exhibit minimal motor activity. In the absence of complications, an extract from the hospital for outpatient treatment is carried out one to two weeks after the injury.

There is no specific nutrition for people after concussion of the brain. Useful fruits, vegetables, boiled and steamed food are considered useful. Exclude advise on chocolate, salty food, strong tea and coffee, fried and greasy. The diet depends on the concomitant diseases and the drugs taken. For example, taking some diuretics requires a diet with high levels of potassium (dried apricots, dairy products, baked potatoes).

Medicinal treatment

Drug treatment is aimed at restoring normal blood flow in the brain and normalizing the condition of the injured person.

To achieve the first goal, diuretics, as well as drugs that affect the tone and nutrition of the blood vessels of the brain, are used. Drugs are prescribed depending on the severity of the disease and the presence of certain complications. Older people are recommended for medications that prevent sclerosis of the nervous tissue.

Normalization of a person's condition includes the removal of headaches and dizziness, insomnia, anxiety and other complaints. For this purpose, sedative medications, anesthetics, sometimes hypnotics are prescribed.


In most cases, with adequate treatment and treatment, the concussion of the brain ends with a complete recovery with a restoration of disability. Remaining signs (dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, etc.) can disturb the person for quite a long time, but gradually (within a few months) and they disappear.

In severe concomitant pathologies, failure to comply with the doctor's recommendations or severe injuries can be observed in various complications - from vegetative-vascular dystonia to epileptic seizures (especially with alcohol abuse).

Brain shot: treatment, mode and diet
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