Brackets in nursery practice

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Dentists recommend to install braces for children who have any defects in bite or teeth. Timely correction of dental defects will deprive the child of a low self-esteem, as well as from various diseases, which can lead to both curvature of the teeth and the wrong bite.

Follow your baby's teeth from the first years of his life, and even though brackets are installed for children only 10-12 years old, it is possible to start fighting with dental defects in other ways as well.

How to deal with dental defects

The lack of any attempt to correct the bite or flaws of the child's teeth can lead to unwanted consequences. They include:

  • Clinging jaw joints when opening the mouth;
  • Pain in the chewing muscles and neck;
  • Headaches
  • Diseases of the digestive tract;
  • caries;
  • Facial asymmetry.

If the child's age does not allow bracket installation, you can fight the defects of his bite in other ways. For example, with the help of gymnastics, which trains chewing muscles and develops them. Since the bracket system for children under 10 years old is not installed, dentists can use traitors or plates, both permanent and removable, to correct dental defects. Most plates and trainers are provided only at night, so the discomfort of the little ones do not bring such designs.

Brackets: how to persuade a child

So, your child has already reached the age limit when using braces is possible. Unfortunately, not all children are aware of the importance of treating braces: they are afraid of painful feelings from the installation of structures, are ashamed of their appearance. How to be in such a situation?

Parents should persuade the child to wear braces. There are several ways to do this. Yes, you can explain to teenagers that braces were worn by many celebrities, give examples of names of famous people who, despite the dental and external defects, have achieved great success in their lives. Also, try to choose a bracket system with your child: at the moment there are ceramic designs, as well as systems with color ligatures, which will surely please the teenager. Unfortunately, absolutely imperceptible lingual braces are not put to children, as it is difficult to care for them.

The timely installation of bracket systems for children, as well as other methods for fixing the bite, will help you to maintain the health of your child and in the future to avoid the various unpleasant consequences, one way or another related to the presence of dental defects.

Brackets in nursery practice

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