Brackets: before and after

Braces/Retainers/Brackets - Before And After Timelapse 36 Yr Old (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Curves of teeth, of course, do not decorate. Moreover, they often become a cause of mockery, especially in children. But for adults, the problem can be serious. A stars and a question at all can often cost a career. Let's try to find out which of the celebrities has fixed their wrong bite with braces.

It is known that the earlier the brackets are set, the better the result. The ideal age is 11-12 years. But many stars of the show business decided to fix their curved teeth at a later age. As a result of the career of many went uphill.

Brackets: photo before and after


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Zac Efron

The main problem of the Hollywood actor was in the gap between the teeth. Despite the sympathetic appearance, the great actor and voice producers did not pay attention to it. He seemed to them to be nothing remarkable and even simple.

Zac Efron turned to the best image-makers, and at the same time to the dentist. The efforts of the orthodontist were not a gift. In 2005, Zack was given the lead role in the movie "Classical Musical", which became a cult for teens. And two years later, the actor got on the list of the richest people who have not reached the age of 25 years.

Today Ephron is very popular. The producers are in line to invite him to the main roles. The admirers tear it apart. Beautiful teeth in success have played far not the last role.

Matthew Lewis

The actor is known to the audience for the role of Neville Longboth in the movie about Harry Potter. After this role, he became famous. But this list of luck did not end for a young man.

His teeth, which were curved and sticking out to all sides, have undergone major changes due to braces. Metal designs transformed Matthew into an attractive man.

Emma Watson

One of the main characters of the cult film "Harry Potter" wore braces for only four months - between the shootings.

After the girl admitted that she felt scumbed through the curves of her teeth. In addition, skin problems. Emma coped with self-esteem problems, including straightening her teeth with braces.

Drew Barrymore

The actress wore braces in her childhood - at the age of 11 years. She had to remember the distant feelings later, when she was filmed in the movie "Uncircumcised". Her heroine student wearing an orthodontic system.

Madonna Lourdes's daughter

The daughter of a famous mother installed braces at 12 years old, having taken first place in the Top 10 celebrities in braces. By the way, all the children of Madonna live in strict discipline. They are not allowed to eat chocolate, sweets, sweets in general - all that can cause caries.

Cindy Crawford

Once upon a time, a popular model began to wear bracelets already grown up. And he was not at all ashamed of the metal structure. In 1995, she even starred in the Pepsi-Cola advertising campaign.

It looks a little absurd, because the popular drink is not harmless to the teeth, especially if they have braces. By the way, the orthodontist worked on conscience, Cindy's smile became charming.

Tom Cruise

A popular actor learned about problems with his teeth when he went to his dentist with his children. As a result, I put braces in almost 40 years. He did not care at all because of his metallic smile, even starred in them to cover the magazine, introducing "Special Opinion."

Tom wore bracelets all year round; he had to take them off because of filming in a new movie.

Princess Eugene

This is only in the fairy tale of the princess everything is entirely beautiful. And in life they are not so dazzling. They are not alien to problems with appearance. For example, one of the main problems of the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II was non-ideal teeth.

She was wearing bracelets in 2006. Two years later, her smile became truly royal. Everybody forgot that she once wore metal fittings on her teeth.

Harry Welsh

Another representative of the royal family with uneven teeth is the grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry of Wales. Harry has installed braces for fifteen years. Now the boy smiles happily, showing the levels of beautiful teeth.

Brackets: before and after

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