Correction of braces by bite

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Straightening defects in dentition will help braces: the bite can be completely aligned with this device. Let's talk about how to prepare for wearing braces and which system to choose.

Today, different braces are used in orthodontics. For simple cases, normal systems can come in, for complex clinical indications - complex, expensive. Therefore, the choice is not for you, but for the doctor who, after a careful analysis of the diagnosis, will make the only correct decision. It will depend on the final result and the timing of the treatment.

How to get ready to wear braces

Any specialist is sure that immediately putting bracket systems can be - a biting bite, but first you need to get rid of all the problems that exist:

  • Remove caries;
  • To carry out full hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • Carry out rehabilitation;
  • To install temporary dentures if necessary.

Without all this teeth just can not cope with the long load, which necessarily provoke braces. The bite will be perfect if your teeth and gums are healthy. The preparation of the oral cavity is a complex therapy, without which the establishment of internal systems for correcting bites of senselessness. Successful orthodontic treatment is possible only if these conditions are met.

What you need to know about the process of wearing braces and leveling the bite

Braces fix bite, set for one visit. The patient comes to the doctor's appointment once a month, for the rest of the time he stays with this system one by one. The patient should know how to care for the oral cavity in order to avoid caries or other dental diseases. It is important to train yourself to brush your teeth after each meal. Do this carefully, not only with a simple toothbrush. Additionally, you will need to purchase special tools such as:

Correction of braces by bite
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