Braces - a beautiful smile and healthy teeth

Basics Of Braces | Tooth Care (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Today it is easy to achieve the ideal location of teeth and boast a good smile. The installation of braces allows not only correct the bite, but also eliminate a large number of different diseases.

What are braces? These are non-removable structures, having a special foundation that attaches to the tooth enamel base. By its very nature, these are miniature claws capable of gradually aligning the curvature of the tooth row. The result of treatment depends on many factors. High accuracy of modeling is an important component of the desired result.

Therefore, the installation of braces should be carried out in specialized clinics (for example, here, where there is the necessary equipment and highly skilled specialists, able to guarantee a positive result in each particular case.

Bracket installation: possible options

Technical progress allows you to innovate all the time, helping to increase the range of services. Today, every patient has the right to choose a device for removable structures for correction of the dentition. There are braces with:

Braces - a beautiful smile and healthy teeth

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