Born child with down syndrome: what to do

What Causes Down Syndrome? (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Children with Down syndrome are born to people of all social groups and ethnic groups with different levels of income and education. If a child with Down syndrome was born, do not need to panic, think better of helping your baby.

The word "syndrome" means a set of features or attributes. The first one described this genetic nareshenie in 1866 was Dr. John Langdon Down (hence the name of the syndrome). When a child with Down syndrome was born, they talk about a genetic change in which an unusual chromosome exists in the child's body.

Influence of excess chromosomes

In a child born with Down syndrome, the development of thinking and health have their own peculiarities. It is possible to distinguish the basic medical features of such children:

  • Many babies are experiencing congenital heart defects that often require surgical intervention;
  • Often there are diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Hearing impairment;
  • Propensity to frequent colds;
  • Dry skin;
  • Violation of intelligence.

A child with Down syndrome was born: how to tell relatives

Often, parents who have a child with such a genetic disorder can not immediately tell their relatives, friends and relatives. But later close people will still see the features of this baby. Therefore, the conversation about the peculiarities of the child will be an important step to return to the parents of mental balance and self-confidence. You need to behave, as at the birth of an ordinary kid: take congratulations, take care of a baby.

Often, relatives also do not know how to behave in such a situation, they are afraid to offer help to a family in which a child with Down syndrome was born. A calm, friendly attitude will help maintain family and friendship.

If the family has an elderly child, parents usually try to protect it most from dismay. But it is better to immediately talk with the child, tell him the truth in an accessible form. Children are often much less adults paying attention to such features.

What to help with a child born with Down syndrome

Parents will have to spend their whole time with such a baby. In these children physical, psychological and intellectual development lags behind ordinary children. It is necessary with the child to learn and constantly repeat all the actions necessary for independent maintenance.

It is very important that a child with Down syndrome attend a regular school. So he will be integrated into society, learn to live and act, as is customary in the world around him.

If a family has a baby with Down syndrome, parents should prepare him for adaptation in his normal life. He must learn everything that is possible to rely less on the help of other people.

Children with Down syndrome are called sunny children. They are more affectionate than ordinary children, do not hesitate to express their love and affection. And from other children they differ only in that they are special.

Born child with down syndrome: what to do

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