Bleeding gums when pregnant

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The most common cause of bleeding gums during pregnancy is gingivitis - their inflammation, which is observed in four out of five women.

Especially pronounced this process for 3-8 months of pregnancy and affects the areas of gums of the anterior teeth adjacent to the teeth (marginal gums and gums papillae).

Why is gingivitis pregnant

The basis of this process is the change in the hormonal background of the woman's body, the change in the composition of saliva, calcium metabolism and strength of the enamel of the teeth, manifestations of toxicosis and increased formation of soft plaque in pregnant women, since the increased sensitivity of the enamel and painful phenomena during cleansing of the gums leading to them Worse mechanical cleaning, and it happens on the background of general weakening of immunity.

Symptoms of gingivitis in pregnant women

In the first half of pregnancy, gingivitis is often a catarrhal character, manifested by swelling and gum bleeding, their pain, which can be observed not only when cleaning teeth, but also during eating, and even at rest. In the second half of pregnancy, in addition to the above listed symptoms, the appearance of marginal ash germs, which are most pronounced in the edge of crowns, hanging seals may occur.

Statistically it was found that expressed manifestations of gingivitis increase the risk of premature births 5-6 times and negatively affect the condition of the fetus (birth of a child with a small weight, the possibility of developing caries of milk teeth in the child, etc.). Therefore, when even minimal bleeding gums appear, it is necessary to consult a dentist without waiting for the scheduled review.

Treatment of bleeding gums during pregnancy

Therapeutic and prophylactic measures should be complex and include:

  • Professional (dentist) removal of plaque and other types of deposits, including tartar.
  • Other measures for dental health in the first place - the treatment of caries, conducted routinely in the second trimester because this is the period in which the effects on the fetus medical dental activities is minimal.
  • Holding local anti-inflammatory therapy as a rinse mouth and applications on the affected gums using a special compound designated dentist (not containing alcohol and antibiotics), decoctions and infusions of herbs (calendula, sage, nettle, eucalyptus, chamomile, hypericum, Shepherd's bag, tree and others).
  • Use the special cleaning teeth toothpaste that have anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect (pasta with herbs, propolis, healing mineral salts and fluorine)
  • Learning a pregnant woman's oral hygiene and help arrange special toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste, dental floss and special elixirs.
  • Compliance with dietary recommendations dentist (restriction of the use of sugar carbohydrates from the diet exclusion sour, spicy food, use of special mineral-vitamin supplements for pregnant women, etc.)
Bleeding gums when pregnant
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