Bleeding gum: treating folk remedies

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Do you often notice traces of blood on a toothbrush? Do not ignore this symptom. Find out why bleeding gums and how to treat it with folk remedies.

When bleeding gums, blood may appear on the gums as a result of the slightest irritation - most often this occurs when brushing teeth or biting on solid food. Do not ignore this symptom, usually bleeding gums binds either to the weakening of immunity, or with inflammatory processes in the tissues of the oral cavity - gingivitis and periodontitis.

Ignoring the first signs of these diseases is impossible, since any inflammation of the gum may lead to serious consequences - up to the destruction of tissues and loss of teeth. Therefore, in case of bleeding gums it is necessary to register on reception to the dentist. And in anticipation of admission it is possible to use folk methods of treatment of bleeding gums.

Bleeding Gums: Folk remedies

When bleeding gums you can use the following rinses:

  • Chamomile broth Chamomile has a good anti-inflammatory and healing effect. To prepare a decoction, take one tablespoon inflorescence of chamomile into one glass of water: insist for half an hour, strain and cool.
  • Broth of oak bark Oak bark is good with its viscous effect. To make broth from bleeding gums take one tablespoon of oak bark on one glass of water: insist for three hours.
  • Infusion of sage. Leaves of sage have a pronounced antibacterial and some analgesic effect. One teaspoon of sage is taken for one cup of soup, after a half an hour, the infusion is filtered.
  • Calanchoe Alcoholic Infusion. Kalanchoe leaves have a viscous and antiseptic effect. The juice, squeezed from chilled and crushed leaves, is filled with alcohol in the ratio of 1 to 10, then it is tightened during the week. To prepare a rinse solution for bleeding gums, you need to stir one teaspoon of alcohol tincture in a glass of water.
  • Alcohol infusion of rose petals or rose hips. Two tablespoons of dry petals pour a glass of alcohol and insist for two weeks. For rinsing unripened infusion diluted with a glass of water.
  • Alcoholic infusion of St. John's wort. 40-50 drops of the finished alcoholic tinctures of the St. John's wort, which can be bought at the pharmacy, dissolve in a glass of water.
  • Fresh carrot juice, but not concentrated. You can not use this remedy if you have allergies to carrots or cross-reactions with other foods!
  • Infusion of Blueberries: 20 g of dried blueberries pour a glass of cold boiled water and insist for at least 10 hours.
  • Soda is another remedy for any inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory effect. A rinse solution for bleeding gums is prepared simply: a teaspoon per glass of water.

Any of these rinses should be done several times a day. To get rid of bleeding and reduce inflammation, it is necessary to rinse at least a week. In addition to the rinses, you can apply to tufts pads soaked in a decoction or infusion.

Prevention of bleeding gums

To prevent inflammation, you can take measures to strengthen the gums:

  • Massage clear with salt. Apply finely sifted salt to a soft toothbrush and massage it very gently in circular motions for three to five minutes, then rinse with warm water or one of the recommended decoctions. It is recommended to repeat this procedure on a regular basis. If desired, you can prepare a special paste, mixing salt with natural honey.
  • Include in your diet a sufficient amount of vitamins. Will be useful phosphorus and calcium, vitamins C and R. If you are not allergic, you can go on a gluttony red wine, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and greens.

Only folk remedies with gum bleeding can not cope because they only neutralize the effects, but do not act on the cause. To find out what the cause of bleeding is gums, you need to contact a dentist.

Bleeding gum: treating folk remedies
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