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Helminths, or worms, are a class of parasites living in the human body. They are completely innocent to the congregation. As a result of the damage to health, parasites can yield to tuberculosis, diarrhea and coronary heart disease.

Spray worms is diverse and multifaceted. As well as theft of nutrients, and digestive disorders, and reduced intake of vitamins and minerals, leading to anemia and many other defective conditions.

In addition, the presence of parasites significantly affects the immune system and causes a general allergy to the body.

The presence of helminths in the body in acute infectious diseases complicates the latter and leads to an extension of the timing of treatment. In some cases, worms lead to infertility, the birth of children with developmental disabilities or even disability.

According to statistics, human worms record more infectious diseases (with the exception of influenza and colds), the main parasites include pinworms, ascarids, nematodes and toxocar.

In connection with the development of mass tourism in exotic countries often appear and quite exotic parasites, which rewards the whole family.

Why helminths are so widespread

The main reason for the widespread spread of parasites - favorable climatic conditions and problems with communal amenities of housing and territories adjoining to housing.

In addition, a very important role is played by the very low level of knowledge in hygiene and the lack offormance of important sanitary skills. Only a half of the population has the minimum knowledge in the field of prevention of worms, and at the same time all hygienic requirements are maintained by a very small percentage of people.

And doctors argue that if all the sanitary rules and norms are met, the risk of contracting worms is reduced to zero.

But you need to abandon the habit of hugging and kissing with pets, especially those who have access to the street and raw meat products.

Not to mention that you need to wash your hands before eating and after the toilet, do not eat unwashed berries from the beds. It is also worth keeping in mind the storage of products beyond the reach of insects - flies and cockroaches, getting rid of mice and rats and refusing to eat raw meat and fish.

Children should be reminded of the cleanness and intimidation of the habit of nibbling nails and poking dirty fingers in the mouth.

It seems like everything is simple, but the worms from helminths do not become less, we just forget the elementary things.

Who should be afraid of helping the worms

In principle, helminthic invasion is exposed to all people without exception, but there are categories that are more likely to be at risk. These include young children and the elderly with their weakened immunity and the systems of neutralization fall outside the pathogenic substances.

Also, it is more likely to catch parasitoids travelers traveling in exotic countries that try local cuisine, sometimes cooked in disgusting sanitary conditions.

Overcome the risk of fierce hunters and fishermen, lakomayaschiesya their trophies directly in the field, sometimes not to fry and not to crumble meat. It also includes people who work with animals - domestic, large and small animals, wild animals.

Risk and gourmets - lovers of raw fish and meat, seafood and exotic dishes without heat treatment.

What is the problem of helminthiasis?

With suspicion of worms at times it is very shame to see a doctor - this is an "uncomfortable" disease, although there is nothing supernatural in it.

Nevertheless, people prefer self-diagnosis on books, magazines, encyclopedias and pseudo-medical computer diagnostics.

And naturally, having found in itself a couple or three common symptoms, having read the horrors about the negative influence of worms, they run into the pharmacy for anti-glycerin preparations.

Some do not do this - instead of antineoplastic drugs they start to practice different folk and non-traditional methods of treatment. The results of these experiments may end in a hospital bed for the treatment of completely different diseases.

Flew out at the person: scatter myths

Among people who do not have medical education and basic knowledge about helminths, there are a lot of mistakes and myths that affect both the clinic and the diagnosis of worms and their treatment. Let's try a bit to deal with them.

Grin of teeth at night is considered a true sign of parasites. In fact, bruxism has nothing to do with the presence of worms. Most people who crack their teeth at night do not have any parasites, this symptom is a sign of chronic stress.

There is no established relationship between the night's teeth scratch and the worms in humans.

Another no less common myth - worms live only in river fish, its raw can not be eaten, but the sea is safe. This myth is not capable at least because the worms survived and did not change much for millions of years of evolution, since they are very well adapted everywhere.

And sea or river water - it is absolutely unimportant, they can live in the body of any fish and animals. If you eat sea fish raw, especially in the northern regions, you can get acquainted with extremely unpleasant parasites.

Sea fish has such a specificity that when infected with its intestines parasites and prolonged transport without freezing, the meat becomes infected with worms. Therefore, caught fish in European countries are immediately placed in cold or freezing.

By the way, it should be borne in mind that the traditional salty herring and fat are also dangerous: they are saline, but not susceptible to thermal effects, they are essentially raw products.

No less common myths about the treatment of worms are products such as greens (cilantro, dill, parsley). It is allegedly due to their bactericidal properties and green color that they can paralyze and kill worms. But this is not at the root of the wrong green parasite color will not stop, considering also that they do not distinguish the colors.

A badly washed greenery by itself - a source of eggs of parasites, taking into account the traditions of many gardeners to fertilize their crops with manure and the contents of cesspools. Greens should be soaked in water for an hour, and then carefully rinse under running water each of the leaves.

The theory of the almond-like properties of orange fruits is also impossible - pumpkin, persimmon, and sea buckthorn. Parasites of colors do not differentiate and with great pleasure they treat with you these delicious and absolutely safe products for them.

One of the methods of treating worms in folk medicine is enemas. But this is also a myth. The most common parasites live in the cavity of the small intestine, where no enema is physically taken. But the microflora with beneficial bacteria perfectly washes away, which even further violates the already weak immunity.

No less harmful are tips for holding an enema with garlic juice, laying it in the rectum and receiving large doses of it inside. The blame for this will not disappear, but health is uniquely!

Every six months it is necessary to take anthelminthic drugs with a preventive purpose - and such a myth can be heard often. But it should be recalled that anthelmintic drugs are highly toxic and will not benefit the liver and the body. Trude the body with chemistry, not having grounds for it - irresponsible. In addition, far from all the parasites are standard drugs. Therefore, proper treatment - is the admission of drugs after the discovery of parasites and only on the appointment of a doctor!

Deaf man: myths and truth
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