Biologists recommend choosing a place on the plane with special caution

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According to experts, places located close to the passage between the rows of armchairs, are more often nurseries of microbes. Firstly, here a person is in close proximity to passengers going to and from the toilet.

Plus, they often clutch for the side seats, and millions of microorganisms settle on their surfaces.

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, has specially assembled samples from surfaces of more than 20 planes, including armrests, cranes, sinks, pockets in chairs, tables, storage compartments, and toilets. It turned out that it was on the side chairs that most bacteria were. The expert calls for refusal to visit the toilet, since it is used by up to 75% of passengers, but no one cleans the toilet during the flight.

Thus, wiping the plane becomes one of the dirtiest places. The same applies to folding tables. They must be wiped before use. On the surfaces of the tables you can find viruses of influenza, novirus and stable staphylococcus. At the same time in the pockets of the seats are often stored remnants of food. This is an ideal place for breeding bacteria, which should also be remembered. But the air, according to the expert, is not so dirty. It is filtered and recirculated.

Biologists recommend choosing a place on the plane with special caution

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