Biologists have discovered an unknown virus in the intestine

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American biologist at the Medical Institute in San Diego recently found the virus was not previously known scientist who has the ability to defeat a common intestinal bacterium. According to doctors, this virus is present in the intestinal environment of almost every person living on our planet. Surprisingly, it carries more benefit than harm.

Viral component found, we note, in the process of deep computer analysis of those present in the intestinal flora of dangerous products. To implement plans exploratory scientists took faecal sample of 12 respondents participating, totally unrelated to each other.

Later, scientists revealed that they found no virus product in the extensive database project, whose goal is to study human micron biome. The official report drawn up by medical researchers, the main goal they discovered the virus - the rapid spread of bacteria in the intestinal flora.

Biologists have discovered an unknown virus in the intestine
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