The best remedies for eye fatigue

Top 8 Home Remedies For Eye Strain (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Each of us know the feeling of eye fatigue, accompanied by double vision, blurred vision, dryness, burning, foreign body sensation in eyes, increased conjunctival blood vessels, pain in the eyes, head and neck, irritability.

These symptoms occur after prolonged watching TV and reading books, prolonged exposure while driving, especially in twilight and at night. However, most often, we are faced with the need to work hard and hard on the computer for a long time. Forced posture combined with a stiff, focus on nearby small items, decreased blink rate movements, flickering screen dimness lead to the emergence of so-called "computer eye syndrome," which appears in all the above symptoms in varying degrees of severity.

An important role in the appearance of eye fatigue is the present visual impairment. Failure to use glasses or contact lenses in myopia, glasses close with presbyopia may strain muscles of accommodation, the main function of which - the projected image on the retina. Over time this muscle functional reserves depleted, and when trying to view far away objects or to read small text without glasses having blurred vision, eye fatigue and headache.

In order to prevent the emergence of "computer vision syndrome", it is enough to adhere to a few simple rules.

10 ways to fight eye fatigue

1 Play sports. Physical load, occupation of such kinds of sports, in which you want to switch the view close to the far and exclude head injuries (tennis, badminton), provide strengthening of the muscles of the body, including eye.

2 Eat well balanced. Include in your diet more foods containing protein, calcium (fish, cheese, eggs, etc.), vitamins and antioxidants (fresh vegetables and fruits).

3 Correctly organize your workplace. It should be sufficiently lit, while avoiding light fluctuations. The distance from the eyes to the screen should be at least half a meter. At the computer table should be a comfortable chair with a high back.

4 Follow the computer mode. Try to make a 10-minute break every hour for your eyes to rest. At this time, look out the window to the horizon, then look at some closely located object. This simple exercise will allow you to relax the accommodation muscles. Be sure to stand up and walk around while relaxing, do simple exercises, sniff your neck. Activation of blood supply in the cervical spine leads to the blood-filling of the vessels of the ciliary muscle, and hence to improve its efficiency.

5 Use "computer" glasses (We recommend to look at Their windows are covered with a light filter that does not allow most of the rays of the blue-violet spectrum emitted by the computer and creates a more contrasting image. This reduces the load on the accommodation muscles.

6 Use eye correction eyeglasses. If the visual acuity is reduced due to presbyopia, then three pairs of glasses are needed - for the near, for the computer and for the distant. It is easier to use advanced glasses, in which the lenses have smooth transition zones. At the same time, the fatigue of the eyes practically does not occur. If you have short-sightedness, then the glasses for work at the computer should be 1.0-1.5 diopters weaker than the glasses for distant. Properly selected glasses will be only qualified ophthalmologist after careful examination of the eyes.

7 Exercise for the eyes. Once you feel tired, do some exercises to make the vision clearer. Make moves with your eyes up and down, right-to-left, clockwise and counter-clockwise, diagonally. Draw an imaginary figure 8 horizontally and vertically. These exercises can be done both with open and closed eyes. For 2 minutes, often blink your eyes, smack a lot for a couple of seconds, and then open your eyes wide open.

8 Do lotions. Wrap a teaspoon of plain black tea in 200 ml of hot water and let it infuse. As soon as the temperature of the tea goes down to the room, moisten it with two wool discs and apply for 15-20 minutes before the eyes. You can use chamomile broth. Grind a tablespoon of shredded flowers with a glass of water and bring to a boil, then allow to stand and cool for a few hours. After applying the compresses to the eyes for 20 minutes 2 times a day. For the same purpose, use birch leaves or linden flowers.

9 Use the drops. At the moment, the pharmaceutical market has a huge selection of drops for the eyes that relieve fatigue and get rid of dryness. However, it should be kept in mind that before using any medications you should visit an ophthalmologist who will recommend the medications that are appropriate for you. It is necessary to take into account the fact that most eye drops contain preservatives that can cause an allergic reaction. Preparations that protect the eyes from fatigue, are presented with drops or gels. Some can be baked on lenses, and before use of other lenses it is necessary to remove. Some drugs include hyaluronic acid, which helps to heal the cornea microtrauma. Drops are produced, which, in addition to moisturizing, produce a vasoconstrictive effect, that is, it removes the redness of the eyeball.

10 In time, contact an ophthalmologist. Certainly, any treatment should be carried out only after full examination and consultation of the doctor. Regular prophylactic examinations will prevent eye diseases or detect changes in the body's vision at an early stage.

The best remedies for eye fatigue

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