The best options for a healthy menu for dinner

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How good your dinner is, depends on your health. People are accustomed to eat the most harmful products in the evening, because when they return from work, the hostess prepares sugary and tasty dishes that can lead to obesity, insomnia, bad mood and so on.

That is why nutritionists recommend to reconsider the image of evening nutrition, which in consequence will lead to a good figure and health in general.

Best dinner menu examples:

1 Omelet with vegetables and herbs. To prepare it, you will need several eggs, depending on how many people you will cook an omelet, a little milk, any greens that are loved by all your households and vegetables. Vegetables are best suited for tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, asparagus or string beans. First, shoot the eggs, add milk to them and mix, and at this time, at a small amount of oil, refresh the vegetables until ready. Now pour the ready-made vegetables with eggs with milk, sprinkle with greens, salt, pepper and cover the pan with a lid. After 5-7 minutes, you will be ready for the correct omelet, which will feed the whole family and remain healthy people.

2 Fish with rice and vegetables. You will need a steamer or oven in which you prepare a fish. Try not to add a lot of vegetable oil. Use rosemary, lemons, dill and other spices that are suitable for fish dishes. Bake the rice until ready and 5 minutes before you remove the pan from the pan with the porridge, add the frozen corn and peas or slightly fried Bulgarian pepper with onions, garlic and tomatoes. At the end, put on a plate of fish and rice with vegetables - it will be a perfect full dinner.

3. Prepare lightweight Low-calorie soup with meat or fish. You will need any vegetables that are at home. Of these, you will cook a soup, and meat or fish need to boil in a separate pan and add to the vegetable soup immediately before serving. Do not forget about greens, it not only decorates a plate of soup, but also serves as another useful ingredient for soup. If you want, you can cook croutons, which will complement the soup and allow you not to eat bread at night. Take a few pieces of bread, cut them into small cubes and dry in a pan without oil, you can add a little chopped garlic so that the crackers become spicy to taste.

The best options for a healthy menu for dinner
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