Beautiful stomach with a scalpel

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Tired, beautiful stomach - one of the undeniable advantages of a beautiful figure. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable places, especially for women. On the condition of the abdomen is pregnancy and just weight fluctuations, which are inevitable due to hormonal cycles, even the force of gravity of the earth and then against the beautiful abdomen - slightly increased, he tends to hang, stubbornly reluctant, even after weight loss, to accept the former forms.

This is due to the extension of the abdominal muscles and aponeurosis of the abdominal wall. And if the muscle tissue retains the ability to reduce, then the connective tissue of the aponeurosis, once stretched out, is reduced very little. That's why it's so difficult to return once lost flat tummy.

If the problem of the abdominal cavity was not resolved with the help of persistent training of abdominal muscle, it means that a beautiful stomach can only return plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery used to lift the abdomen is called abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty is considered one of the most complex operations carried out by plastic surgeons for the aesthetic purpose, however, all surgical interventions on the abdominal cavity have an increased level of complexity due to the vital importance of the organs located there. Therefore, surgical correction of the abdomen should be carried out only after careful diagnosis, in the conditions of the hospital, surgeon of higher qualification.

During abdominoplasty, the physician makes two cosmetic incisions, which will eventually be less visible, since one of them surrounds the navel, the other is in a natural fold over the bikini line.

They eliminate excess fat tissue, strengthen aponeurosis, imprint abdominal muscles, get rid of excess skin. Then drain out and apply cosmetic suture.

However, in order to provide a good stomach, this is not enough, rehabilitation is needed. In the postoperative period, it is necessary to wear a support band, then, as tissue healing and strengthening abdominal muscles, it can be abandoned.

In recent years the laparoscopic version of abdominoplasty has become widespread. This technique does not require cuts, all intervention is carried out by a special tool - an endoscope, through two small punctures in the abdominal wall. The endoscope is a flexible thin probe equipped with a camera that transmits the image of the operating field to the monitor in real time, and a cold light source.

In this case, an operation trauma and bleeding are minimal, and rehabilitation takes weeks and months, as with normal abdominoplasty, and a few days. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications surgeons prefer to "make" a beautiful stomach by the method of endoscopic abdominoplasty.

Beautiful stomach with a scalpel
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