Be alert: the main dangers of new year's night

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Clearly, December 31 can hardly be called a peaceful day. New Year's bustle is so fascinated by the fact that we often forget the basic rules of safety, without which the celebration of such a long-awaited day may not be simply threatened, but really spoiled.

Promedical decided to tell you how to stay safe from the five major dangers that we can face with New Year's Eve.

The danger is the first. "Stomach" the stomach

Of course, do not forget about seemingly banal food poisonings and alcohol, too. After all, they as nothing else will undermine your health in the first place. Therefore, it is worth not only checking the shelf life of the purchased products, but we carefully read the stickers of alcoholic beverages.

Do not forget about allergies. It appears at the most inappropriate moment, and in its most terrible forms.

Another danger is the appearance of signs of appendicitis. Thinking that "it's just sniffing," people take pain relievers and more or less calm down. And it is in vain! In the already miserable condition and with dangerous complications - peritonitis - the patients act when the appendix is ​​torn. Sudden pain in the area of ​​the solar plexus or over the navel - the most characteristic of the first symptom of acute form of appendicitis. So, if you have something sick, relax, do not exactly!

The danger of a friend. Eyes, arms, legs

Fractures and injuries - another "scourge" of New Year holidays. It is also worth taking care of the eyes. After all, the most harmless cork can find itself a "shelter" just around your pupil. Be careful!

The danger is the third. Cinnamon here as here

Cuts have always been considered one more danger of New Year's fun. And if it seems to you that the cut is not so dangerous - it is in vain! Naturally, small cuts are enough to handle hydrogen peroxide. If the cut deep, it is better to immediately call an ambulance brigade and take up the harness.

Fourth and fifth danger. Sucking and burning is not a problem

It's actually easier to get used to. To avoid a piece of food stuck in your throat, do not try to eat and talk at the same time. If you are still oppressed, there are several ways to help yourself: cough, drink some water. But knock on the back - the empty thing: that "fell", up will not rise. And do not forget about burns. They also add little pleasant to the general New Year's mood.

Nice holidays!

Be alert: the main dangers of new year's night
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