Baths for joints

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Balneotherapy is a therapy with the use of medicinal properties of natural factors that are extremely diverse in origin and therapeutic action.

Currently, many diseases are widely used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system during the remission period, which effectively help to restore self-regulation processes, activate the protective forces of the organism and facilitate the course of many diseases, preventing their repeated exacerbation or the emergence of new diseases.

Since these treatments have a very powerful effect on the body, they only resort to them after the elimination of acute symptoms and after consultation with the doctor, in order to avoid possible exacerbations.

Below are the most popular methods of balneotherapy, which can be done not only in the resort, but also at home, in the presence of appropriate therapeutic components.

Sand baths for joints

This procedure provides a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended beyond the period of exacerbation.

For baths use a small, washed (without clay admixture) river or sea sand, which before the procedure is heated to 45-50 degrees, and then poured into small containers (wooden drawers), placed in them diseased limbs (feet, hands) And wrapped up from the top with a blanket. Withstand 30-40 minutes.

If the procedure on the knee, elbow and other large joints is foreseen, it is necessary to prepare pre-fabricated bags of appropriate sizes from a dense fabric, where the heated sand will be poured. Such bags are covered with sick joints. Recommended course with 7-10 procedures.

Clay baths for joints

Baths from clay have a good detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect, promote the removal of toxins, slags and free radicals from the body, stimulate immunity. For their preparation, it is recommended to use colored clay sold in pharmacies.

In one liter of hot water dissolve and shake 5-6 tablespoons of powder of clay, the resulting mixture is diluted in a bath with hot water. You can take not general, but local baths for hands or feet, dissolving in a pelvis or a bucket a clay powder, where then the patient submerses hands to elbows. When cooking baths you can use metal utensils.

Clay baths are recommended to take 2-3 times a week for a month. The temperature of baths is 37-38 degrees, the time of reception - 30-40 minutes.

Bischofite baths for joints

Baths with bishofit have anti-inflammatory action, improve metabolic processes in the body, enhance lymph drainage, stimulate immunity, have an adaptogenic effect.

To prepare the bath take one kilogram of dry bischofite, diluted to a full dissolution in 3-5 liters of hot water, and then poured into a hot bath. If there are no bischofite salts, use bischofite solution in double dosage. Baths at a temperature of 37-38 degrees are taken daily for two weeks. It is recommended to repeat course in 2-3 months.

Baths for the joints with white turpentine emulsion

White turpentine emulsion is a mixture of 45% alive turpentine and 50% water with additional ingredients, which is an extremely powerful remedy that has a general, stimulating, irritating effect and improves blood circulation. During bathing, blood pressure may slightly rise, so they have a good effect on hypotonics. Turpentine baths help increase immunity, eliminate toxins, normalize fat metabolism and activate mechanisms of self-regulation. Before starting treatment, you should consult your doctor. Baths are recommended to be taken in the remission period, after a day, a course of no more than 10-12 procedures.

For the preparation of baths use only a special (chemist's) emulsion, it is not recommended to cook it by yourself, since the turpentine available on sale in stores is not purified and can cause allergic reactions and chemical burns. It is recommended to start with 10 ml of turpentine emulsion, gradually increasing to 50-60 ml of emulsion to the bath to the end of the course. The bath temperature should not exceed 36-37 degrees. The bath time is also gradually increased from 5 to 15 minutes. If there is an increased heart rate, discomfort, burning sensation, you should stop taking the bath. If skin is damaged, manifestations of eczema, dermatitis, withdrawal from turpentine baths is better. After taking the bath, rub the skin dry, without washing with water, put on a warm bathrobe and rest for an hour.

Shungite baths for joints

These baths are prepared using 100 g of chopped shungite, placed in a linen cloth. At the same time, a sunglass with shungite is placed under a jet of water, which is filled with a bath, and then in a few minutes, it is necessary to rinse it vigorously, so that the water becomes gray. It is recommended to take an unhealthy bath for 20-30 minutes every two days within a month.

Shungite baths have a pronounced disinfectant, tonic and healing effect. These properties SHUNGITE due to the presence in it of biologically active substances - natural fullerenes, which are the strongest antioxidants and neutralize free radicals, thereby reducing the symptoms of intoxication and inflammation, providing a strong anti-allergic effect and activating the processes of self-regulation.

Also recommended in between baths (or even without) rubbed on painful joints schungite cream (it is sold already in finished form and contains ions of silver, wax, glycerin, shungite, mummy, cedar oil and oil of wheat germ, extracts of aloe, ginseng, St. John's wort, wormwood, collagen hydrolyzate, vitanol).

Radon baths for joints

Baths of radon have pronounced anti-inflammatory action and shown in so many chronic diseases, including the musculoskeletal system.

They are mainly used during spa treatment, always under medical supervision because their radioactive effects on the body to be dosed, because it has a number of contraindications. Baths can be high, medium - and nizkoradonovye (depending on the concentration of radon in them), in Ukraine the most popular radon baths Spa resort and Belokuryhy.

Also, nowadays, artificially created radon water is used to prepare such baths.

Iodine-bromine and hydrogen sulfide baths for joints

These baths are used predominantly during spa treatment at the Mineral Water Resorts, as well as Matsesti, Yevpatoriya, and Anapa. In addition, the use of concentrate for bathing in the conditions of water treatment facilities is possible.

Iodine-bromine baths have pronounced anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, improve microcirculation and regeneration of cartilage tissue, activate collagen synthesis, increase immunity. But they can be used only on the appointment of a doctor, as there are a number of diseases in which they are contraindicated.

The effectiveness of all these types of treatment is higher in the conditions of the resort in combination with other types of therapy, diet, favorable climate, etc.

Baths for joints
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