Basic rules for the treatment of viral non-ruminants in a child

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At this time of year, air was dried up indoors, in apartments and even on the street with all the permanent rainfall. This contributes to the multiplication of viruses that cause seasonal colds and coughing in babies and older children.

Usually, baby runny nose is a manifestation of viral infection (ARI). Why do young children so often suffer from colds? Everything is simple - they need to train their immunity. At infancy, a child receives antibodies to viruses, along with mother's milk. And when breastfeeding is over, the child has to "collect" his own set of antibodies on his own. Today more than three hundred types of cold-blooded viruses are known. But they do not necessarily "stick" to your baby and the baby should not be ill 300 times, so that his immunity becomes strong enough. But pediatricians have noticed that a healthy child on average cools about 60 times before becoming a schoolboy. And it turns out that each year the baby's unconscious baby appears 10 times.

Runny nose is one of the first symptoms of the disease of SARS. Mucus in the nose the body reacts to the penetrated virus - it's a kind of barrier to the infection in the trachea, bronchi, lungs. Such mucus in the cavity of the nose can be either transparent or greenish.

Somebody came up with and argued a lot that "green" runny nose is just "bacterial" and needs antibiotic treatment. In fact, the baby's nasal mucous membrane lives in many microorganisms and this is normal. Often, during a cold, they are activated, and it mimics muddy color. And there is nothing terrible about it.

In order to ease the condition of the child, it is necessary to humidify as much as possible in the room air - enough to hang on the battery a damp cloth. Well digest in the nose on a crumb of moisturizing saline solution (sold in pharmacies) - this will not allow the mucus to thicken. You can special children's vasoconstrictive drops (no more than twice a day).

The child needs to be given as much drink as possible - because the fluid removes toxins from the body. Juice Kalanchoe will help you to get rid of colds (if your baby has no allergies) - this healing plant helps to release the nose from an irritating mucus.

For treatment it is necessary to take a leaf of Kalanchoe, squeeze juice from it and dilute with boiled water (1: 1). Soak up 3-4 droplets of droplets in each nostril with this solution.

Basic rules for the treatment of viral non-ruminants in a child
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