Basic rules for keeping blood pressure under control

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According to scientists, hypertension does not always appear with age. It's enough to adhere to simple rules that will help keep the pressure in order - everything is in your hands.

First: you need to eat cellulose. Remember that one of the main causes of hypertension is the "clogging" of blood vessels by the breakdown of fats. According to studies, fiber contained in vegetables and fruits, helps maintain the purity and elasticity of blood vessels. Therefore, enough fiber for blood vessels can be provided to your body if you eat at a day of choice: five apples, three to four carrots or 300 grams of boiled beans.

Second: use vitamin C. - he is the main element of maintaining the vascular tone. Thus, in people who consumed less vitamin C per day than contained in one orange (70 mg), the upper pressure was elevated above 11 and the lower one was 6 compared with those who consumed more vitamin C. It is worth knowing, Which is obtained by the body of vitamin C instantly collapses under the influence of alcohol - you should not expect to reduce the pressure if the eaten orange immediately smoke cigar.

Third: more potassium, less salt! This rule will help keep the pressure in the normal. After all, potassium regulates cardiac conduction well and it depends on how much the heart pumps blood. It was found that blood pressure in people who received low potassium increased by 4.5% in three months. It is recommended to eat fresh tomatoes, tomato juice, baked potatoes (with the highest concentration of potassium - closer to the peel), dried apricots, raisins - these are sources of potassium. But the accumulation in the body of salt (sodium) significantly worsens cardiovascular conduction, contributes to arrhythmias.

Fourth: oatmeal is obligatory! Remember: only one ounce of oatmeal (about 30 grams of oatmeal) can reduce blood pressure by 5-10 points - an active role in the influence of oatmeal on the vascular tone is performed by soluble dietary fiber.

Fifth: the fish should be in the diet constantly. If there is more fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and sardine), then diastolic blood pressure can decrease by 4.4 points, and systolic blood pressure by 6.5.

Sixth: constantly use calcium, Which perfectly strengthens the walls of the vessels and helps to fight the rise in blood pressure.

Basic rules for keeping blood pressure under control
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