Basic causes of sport injury

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A sports injury is an injury that resulted in a physical damage to the integrity of the tissues caused by external influences. The causes of sports injuries are associated with many factors.

Many professional athletes are forced to finish their performances in high sports just because of any injury, and the causes of injury to athletes have a certain classification and are divided into groups.

The most common sports injuries and the causes of their occurrence

Long-term studies of the localization of sports injuries have helped to identify the weakest parts of the locomotor apparatus. For many years, the most vulnerable link is the knee joint, about half of all pathologies fall on it. In the second place is the ankle joint, which damage is observed in about 10% of athletes. As many percentages are injured by the thoracic and lumbar spine.

It is worth noting foot and foot injuries, as well as damage to the thigh, brush and shoulder region, which are also common in sports. The reasons for the occurrence of sports injuries can not be completely eliminated, so the risk of injury is always. A small percentage of injuries in the sport arise on the elbow joint. There is a definite distribution of diseases and injuries among athletes.

Causes of injury:

Basic causes of sport injury
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