Basic causes of spinal trauma

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One of the most difficult injuries is injury of the vertebral column as a result of fracture, clogging or dislocation. The causes of the spine injury can be as domestic, and depend on the form of the main disease of the musculoskeletal system.

To the injuries of the spine are various fractures, severe stretching and dislocation. These are heavily damaged lesions of the human body, characterized by a long restoration period. The causes of the spine injury can be divided into 2 types:

  • Traumas of domestic origin. As a rule, they are abrupt;
  • Possible complication of diseases of the spine as a consequence of the gradual destruction of the spine.

Unlike injuries of domestic origin, when the spine is broken due to its thinning, the pain syndrome increases gradually, which makes it possible to diagnose the disease in time and take appropriate measures.

Injuries of domestic origin

The main causes of household spinal injury are:

  • Car accidents;
  • Drop from height;
  • Sports injuries;
  • Criminal injuries.

Road events are the most common cause of spinal injury. In the event of a car collision, the human body continues the inertial movement of the head or the upper part of the trunk forward, furthermore the lower part remains motionless. As a result of such a sharp movement there is a fracture of the cervical or thoracic spine.

The causes of the spine injury, in which a fracture occurs as a result of falling into the water head forward, are called the "syndrome diver." This injury can be obtained by plunging into an unfamiliar reservoir or incorrectly calculating its depth. In the collision with the bottom there is a sharp bend of the cervical spine and as a result - a fracture.

Frequent prerequisites for spinal injury are sports. For example, non-observance of caution during wrestling, skateboarding or skiing leads to spinal injury injuries. The reasons for their occurrence may also be to raise an incorrectly calculated weight at the weightlifters.

The causes of the spine injury can have a criminal offense. Persons with disabling injuries can get during a fight or a gunshot wound. Criminal causes of spinal injury include injuries received in the state of alcohol or narcotic intoxication.

Diseases leading to the spine fracture

Not always causes of spinal injury are external effects. Different diseases of the vertebral column can lead to thinning of the vertebral tissue, which leads to fractures, even with normal physical activity. Such diseases include, first of all, osteoporosis and tumors.

Regardless of the cause of the spine injury, they require timely and cautious care.

Basic causes of spinal trauma
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