Bacteria, which can not handle antibiotics, will destroy vinegar

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Acetic acid can be used as a cheap and non-toxic means for controlling the resistant strain of bacteria causing tuberculosis, and with other drug resistant pathogens.

Mycobacterium causes tuberculosis and leprosy. Moreover, in the environment, mycobacterium is quite common, it does not provoke tuberculosis. It can be found even in drinking water. At the same time, it has resistance to many disinfectants.

If such a bacterium gets to the place of operations or cosmetic procedures, serious infections may develop. Being initially susceptible to the lion's share of antibiotics, mycobacteria are treated for several months, leaving behind scar tissue, says Howard Takiff of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research.

Proteza Takiffa, Claudia Cortez, has discovered a feature of acetic acid - the ability to kill mycobacterium. The discovery was made during the test of the drug, which had to be dissolved in acid. It turned out that in a control test, where there was only acid, all mycobacteria died.

The 30-minute effect of 6% acid allowed to reduce mycobacteria from 100 million to 0.

Bacteria, which can not handle antibiotics, will destroy vinegar
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