Back pain in the kidney

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Back pain in the kidney can be a symptom of not only spine or back muscles, but also specifically indicating kidney disease.

Back pain in the kidney can be a symptom of not only spine or back muscles, but also specifically indicating kidney disease. The most common kidney disease is renal colic and pyelonephritis. If the kidneys are sick, the back in the lumbar region is sore. When an attack of the renal colic is acute, pain in the lumbar is usually given to the groin, leg or genital organs. The attack is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, flatulence and urination disorders.

When urolithiasis, an attack of the renal colic occurs without any apparent cause, and in nephroptosis (omission of the kidneys) it provokes prolonged walking or physical stress. The duration of the attack is usually several hours and after its ending for a long time remains dull pain in the lumbar. Sometimes the pain extends to the entire abdomen, which, in combination with dyspepsia, can be mistaken for diseases of the digestive system, for example, for duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis or intestinal obstruction.

It is possible to distinguish the renal colic only through the restless behavior of patients and the absence of an increase in the severity of the symptoms (plus data from the analysis). Not only the sudden start of the attack, but also the sudden end of it, is also characteristic of the colic. Treatment only stationary, you can not treat colic yourself.

Back pain in the kidney area

Pyelonephritis (Inflammation of the kidneys) can be called simply a mass disease, especially its chronic form. Acute pyelonephritis has several forms, but all of them begin acutely, with a high temperature of up to 40 degrees, chills, pouring sweat, back pain and tight muscles of the abdominal wall from the side of the diseased kidney. If the left kidney is ill, then back pain in the left hypochondrium is felt, and if the right is right.

Sometimes pyelonephritis is bilateral, with also there is temperature and back pain, generalized malaise, thirst and disruption of urination. In acute pyelonephritis, headache, nausea and vomiting often occur, indicating intoxication. Treatment is also stationary, as there may be severe complications.

Chronic pyelonephritis may persist after acute pyelonephritis or occurs without acute effects from the very beginning of the disease. In most patients, chronic pyelonephritis occurs in childhood, especially in girls. Its main symptoms are periods of unexplained fever and permanent dull or pulsating back pain in the lumbar region on the side of the affected kidney or on both sides.

In the periods of exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis in only a fifth of patients the temperature rises. The frequent symptom of the disease is an increase in blood pressure. Establishing an exact diagnosis allows for special diagnostic studies, although sometimes it is not easy to do so because of the variety of forms and stages of the disease, the tests of which mutually mutually exclusive. It is easy to determine pyelonephritis in patients with a bright clinical picture, but such cases are minority.

Meanwhile, the disease requires careful treatment and proper treatment, as it can lead to irreversible changes in the kidneys and severe consequences. Treatment is long, sometimes for years. There is a class of medicines for the treatment of the kidneys and the entire urinary system - urounieseptiki (5-kn, negro, pimidel, monoglyca, etc.). If necessary, urounteeseptics are combined with broad-spectrum antibiotics (norbactin, somamed, amoxiclav, etc.) to suppress bacteria that cause inflammation of the kidneys. With timely and adequate treatment it is possible to achieve long remission (a period without any manifestations of the disease) and maintain the function of the kidneys at normal levels.

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Back pain in the kidney
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