Baby braces

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In childhood, violations of bite often occur, and in 80% of cases its cause is harmful habits: long sucking of a dummy, fingers, biting lips or cheeks. To bring beauty teeth to help children's brackets.

With timely reference to a child's orthodontist, you can fix the bite with the least cost in the financial plan and much faster than an adult. In addition, children are much easier to wear long-lasting means to correct bite.

Baby braces are special brackets that are attached to each tooth with a special solution. They are pulled by means of a special wire, and its tension is regulated by the doctor depending on the condition of each tooth.

When it is possible to install braces for children

The first is when you can install baby brackets, -9-10 years old. But most doctors recommend treating bite before starting to eradicate all permanent teeth, that is, at the age of 11-13 years. During this period teeth in children grow very intensively, therefore treatment will be most effective.

Disadvantages of children's braces

Before deciding to install braces for your child, it is worth discussing with him the need for this procedure for his health, and explaining to him that this design is established for a fairly long period of time, and can not be removed. If you succeeded in persuading the child, it is not unnecessary to know the following:

Baby braces

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