Avocado can kill cancer cells

The Health Benefits Of Avocado||Avocado Can Help Kills Cancer Cells?||Can Avacado Prevent Cancer? (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Nutritionists have long been celebrating avocado as an extremely beneficial for the body, but Canadian scientists have discovered more important properties of exotic fruits from the point of view of health.

The avocado pulp component has the ability to kill tumor cells.

Treating cancer of individual organs (or as the doctors say "solid tumors") is a very difficult task. However, even more complicated is treatment of cancer diseases of the blood and organs of hematopoiesis, because in this case the tumor as an object in general is absent.

One of the most common and severe oncohematological diseases is acute myeloid leukemia, which, unlike other forms of leukemia, often affects not children but adults.

In this disease there is a very rapid reproduction of leukocytes, white blood cells, with leukocytes modified.

Avocado can kill cancer cells

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