Autumn depression: the way out is

Health And Medical Video: Limitriders Autumn Depression (June 2019).


Grape juice affects the adrenal glands, kidneys, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

To carry out such a sweet therapy, you should squeeze juice from dark grapes and drink 100 ml 3 times daily before meals. If desired, juice and honey can be mixed. People suffering from joint diseases should consult vice versa with a rheumatologist.

In addition to the grape vinegar, the apple recipe works: we take 200 g of fallen apples and tremble on a grater. Then 2 tbsp L fresh melissa pour a glass of boiling water. Add grated apple and 1 tbsp. L honey We mix a cocktail, filter and drink. The combination of apples, honey and melissa is useful for the nervous system. Will it be okay - there will be no harp.

Autumn depression: the way out is
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