Atopic dermatitis in children

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Atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) is a skin lesion associated with increased sensitivity to food, household, fungal, bacterial, chemical and other allergens. Consider atopic dermatitis in children.

Usually, the disease begins on the first year of life in children with hereditary predisposition, especially those who are on artificial feeding. Another reason for the development of atopic dermatitis in young children (about three months) is the introduction of new foods, foodstuffs. It is recommended to conduct a "food diary" to quickly find an allergen in the event of an allergic reaction.

Atopic dermatitis predominates allergic reactions of immediate type, therefore it is important to quickly recognize and rule out the annoying product.

The main symptoms of atopic dermatitis in children are skin irritation and rash. Itching in atopic dermatitis is very pronounced, often increased at night, preventing the patient from sleeping. Aggravation is provoked by overheating or overcooling, combing the skin, rough clothing, sweating or excessive dryness of the skin.

The rash most often appears on the scalp, neck, as well as on the extensor surface of the arms and legs, sometimes in the trunk. At the age of two years, if the disease has not passed, before the period of puberty, it differs in a persistent flow, adding lesions (hands, legs, ears, faces).

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in children - the process is long and requires patience. It is important to identify the allergen and exclude it from the child's environment. If the manifestations of the disease are pronounced - to take medication. The most labor-intensive in the treatment is the restoration of damaged skin by withdrawal and external therapeutic agents. Since the forms of the disease are different, the cells can be wet as a result of bursting or dry bubbles with detached scales, it is important to properly choose the treatment (for example, you can not impose damp liquids on dry foci).

Inside, prescribe, in the first place, antihistamines, and better - new generations (telfast, startec, erus), they are more effective and safe. If itching interrupts sleep, then the first time during exacerbation appoint hormones ointments and creams. Tools such as advantan and elokom almost do not penetrate into the bloodstream, so the effect of hormones on the body is virtually eliminated. Trust the choice of treatment specialist, at the same time discuss with him the features of caring for a sick child and the features of the diet.


Particular attention is required in the diet of children with atopic dermatitis. Such a diet involves the absence of products that can exacerbate it. So, when allergic to chicken eggs, food is prohibited, even with a low content of proteins and yolks (buns, casseroles, mayonnaise salads, pastries, etc.). When allergy to milk, a dairy diet is prescribed. Not only milk but also butter, cheese, ice cream, cakes, pies, cakes, bread of some varieties, sweets and chocolates made with milk are excluded from the diet.

Sometimes it is possible to replace milk with kefir, and eggs are rosemary-egg. Sometimes, but not always. If you have to completely exclude such products, you need to find an adequate replacement, so that the diet remains high-grade. So, abandoning milk and eggs, turn on putting more meat and fish dishes. Whole milk is more likely to cause allergies than condensed, concentrated or powdered.

Possible allergy to a foam of boiled milk. When cooking vegetables and fruits of their allergens, activity decreases. So, boiled carrots are much less likely to cause allergies than cheese. With allergies on fresh apples you can replace them with liver or apple compote, and sometimes it helps to remove the skin, since it is there that allergens are often there.

Of course, it is impossible to give advice on all cases of food allergy, often it is very individual, so it is best to turn to a specialist. Let's recall only a few universal rules. Do not overeat your children and do not overeat yourself! Overload of the digestive organs may include mechanisms of "rejection". A large amount of easily absorbed carbohydrates (sugar, honey, candy, etc.) increases the "readiness" of the body to allergy.

Analyze which foods you eat eagerly, and which ones you avoid involuntarily. Such an unconscious reaction often suggests that it is a food allergen. Do not force yourself or the child to have some kind of dish just because it is useful. Do not try to forcibly feed a child, you can hide food allergy for disgusting the product.

Atopic dermatitis in children
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