Asperger's syndrome in children

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Asperger syndrome in children - a serious complex violation of psychological development, as a result of which the child turns out to be unsuitable for society.

In 1981, the psychiatrist from England, Lorne Wing, presented the term "Asperger syndrome". This name comes from the name of the disease psychiatrist Hans Asperger, who in 1940 studied the problems like symptoms in children. Children with Asperger syndrome require more attention and support. Consider how this syndrome manifests itself and what features are characteristic for it.

Asperger syndrome in children

Such a violation is called the form of functional autism, in which a sick child is not deprived of the ability to verbal communication. List the symptoms that are characteristic of Asperger's syndrome in children.

  1. The disease can manifest itself from the first years of life. In the behavior of the child you can notice a lot of strange. Lack of contact with the outside world, unwillingness to stay in a company with strangers.
  2. For a visual display of Asperger syndrome in a child characterized by a thoughtful expression of the face, lack of emotional color, facial expressions. From the point of view it can be understood that the child mentally is far away. Never looks in the eye.
  3. Unusual posture, strange move. Coordination of movements may be disturbed.
  4. Asperger's syndrome in children also manifests itself in unusual linguistic activity. The child starts to talk like all normal children. However, the words are NOT addressed to a particular person. The language of the intricacies, laconic. Voice volume dynamics tends to change. The vocabulary of each child is formed differently.
  5. Such a child may be deeply interested or enthusiastic about something definite. At the same time, the intensity of interest and the subject of admiration for others seems rather strange.
  6. A rather striking feature of Asperger's syndrome is the reluctance to communicate with other children, the lack of understanding of others' feelings and the reluctance to share their experiences.
  7. In childhood, people who are prone to Asperger syndrome can be attached to one or more family members.
  8. Such people have a fairly high level of intelligence.
  9. A child with Asperger's syndrome is egocentric, naive, trusting. He has a lack of sense of humor. Any information he perceives literally. In this regard, there may be a kind of casualty.
  10. Asperger's syndrome often manifests itself in the pedantic attachment of a child to a specific schedule or schedule.

It should be noted that Asperger's syndrome in children can not always be diagnosed. Often symptoms of the disease begin to manifest only during the period of maturation.

The problem of such a mental disorder in children in our time is quite popular for study, since in modern society there are many children with Asperger's syndrome.

Asperger's syndrome in children
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