Arthritis pain in menopause

How To Find Relief From Joint Pain During Menopause Or Perimenopause (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Diseases of the joints often begin precisely in the menopause.

Hormones play an important role in women's lives. And this is not only a support for reproductive function, but also ensuring smooth skin, good mood, protection against infections, cardiovascular diseases. The onset of menopause in a woman leads to a change in the functioning of all systems of the body. From 40-45 years, a gradual decrease in the level of sex hormones, menstruation lose its cyclicity, there are symptoms of climacteric syndrome, and in the 45-50 years menopause occurs.

After the onset of menopause in a hormonal arsenal, women remain only one non-active hormone estrone, which is produced by cells of subcutaneous fat and can not provide the usual estrogen function.

Aging of connective tissue

The absence of female sex hormones triggers the aging process, first of all, the aging of the connective tissue. Where in the majority is the connective tissue? It is skin, joints and ligaments. The changes in the skin we can observe with our own eyes - it's wrinkles. Similarly, cartilage structures of the joints become aging. There are knee pain when going down the stairs, in the evening, and in the morning starting stiffness, which takes 5-10 minutes, in order to diverge. All of these symptoms are diagnosed as "osteoarthritis". Preventing the rapid progression of osteoarthritis helps drugs chondroprotectors.

Osteoporosis: loss of bone mass in the first 2 years of menopause is comparable to that of astronauts that are in orbit.

Estrogen deficiency triggers processes of resorption (destruction) of bone tissue. Within 2-3 years after the termination of menstruation, a woman loses 4% of bone tissue per year. In the future, the processes of destruction of bone tissue are somewhat slowed down, however, many women, especially the slim body, develop osteoporosis. In the climates, all these processes are manifested by bone pains, convulsions of the calf muscles, back pain. Determine the mineral density of bone tissue using X-ray densitometry. This study is practically everywhere. It allows you to evaluate the initial state, as well as the dynamics of the process against the background of treatment. To prevent osteoporosis in women in the menopause, it is advisable to increase the amount of dairy products in the diet, to have an active lifestyle and take calcium preparations.

Immune rebuilding

Another disease that manifests in women 40-50 years old is rheumatoid arthritis. The reasons for its occurrence at this age are unclear, a role played by the immune reorganization of the organism, infection against the background of genetic predisposition. When rheumatoid arthritis, small joints of the hands are affected, there is a pronounced stiffness. Avalanche-like process involves all groups of joints up to the jaw. In severe course, patients are barely moving and need extra help.

Immune reconstitution leads to increased sensitivity to infections. In this regard, women often develop reactive arthritis (more often against infections of the urogenital tract). The disease occurs acutely, with the development of intense pain syndrome in one or more joints, the process is eliminated by the appointment of antibiotics.

Weakened thyroid gland

In women aged 40-50 years, changes in the thyroid gland often occur. Its restructuring is not directly related to estrogen deficiency. But we all live in the iodine deficient region, which is why until this age in the thyroid glands the nodes often begin to form (multivodal goiter), and autoimmune thyroiditis often begins. Diseases of the thyroid gland often provoke pains in the radiopulmonary joint. It is this pain that leads a woman to a doctor. And the subsequent examination reveals the pathology of the thyroid gland.

Do not despair, the whole cascade of events will gradually end. Or more precisely until the age of 55-60, the body will "get used" to the new hormonal background, the processes of destruction and aging of tissues will slow down a bit. In addition, women always have the opportunity to prolong their youth and postpone all of the above points with the help of substitution hormonal therapy (HRT). Exclude contraindications and help determine the choice of drug can doctor - gynecologist. It is known that HRT medications can contribute to breast cancer. Because of this side effect, many women are afraid of taking hormones. But in vain With careful observation, regular performance of mammography, venous vessel examination, etc. The risk of complications in taking HRT is minimized. The main thing is to always love yourself (to love, not to regret). Love is an active life position, it helps to live a long and healthy life.

Arthritis pain in menopause

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