Knee arthritis treats a positive mood

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In the treatment of knee arthritis, the effect of acupuncture is comparable to placebo, and a positive mood improves patients' well-being.

American scientists have proven that the effect of traditional Chinese acupuncture in the case of arthrosis of the knee joint did not exceed such an imitation of therapy. People who received both treatments marked a significant reduction in pain.

However, the style of communication between the doctor and the patient has a significant impact on the effectiveness of treatment. The therapists, who have optimistic mood and confidence in their success, have made great strides in their treatment, while neutral-minded doctors could boast a more modest result.

Study Details

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice, which is based on the influence of strictly defined reflexogenic zones with the help of thin needles. Due to a well-conducted treatment session, pain is lost and energy flows are redistributed. This method has been widely used in the treatment of arthrotic pain.

The study included 455 patients with knee osteoarthrosis. Among the observed symptoms, the most frequent were pain, limitation of mobility and edema in the area of ​​the knee joint.

The purpose of the study is to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture as a method of treatment and to determine the dependence of the success of treatment on the mood of the doctor in each case. For this purpose, the physicians-reflexologists developed two style of communication with patients.

Working with one group of patients, the doctor expressed the most optimistic expectations of the treatment, while practicing with others, he behaved neutral, speaking about success and his absence as equally probable events.

Patients were randomly divided into three groups: the first one was a doctor with a positive mood, the other with a neutral one, and in the treatment of patients from the third group, the acupuncture method was replaced with placebo.

After six weeks of treatment, patients were asked for a change in the intensity of pain and manifestation of other symptoms.

The difference in the results between the groups treated with acupuncture and placebo was very small, but still in favor of treatment by the method of acupuncture.

Regarding the different styles of communication between doctors, 41% of the patients in the optimistic group reported significant improvement, while in the other group, only 33% showed the same result.

According to scientists, despite the small scale of the study, the conclusions are quite convincing. First, the manifestation of pain very much depends on the mood of the patient and others. Secondly, there are reasons to believe that the effectiveness of the method of acupuncture is largely due to the placebo effect.

Knee arthritis treats a positive mood
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