Arthritis in systemic scleroderma: diagnosis, treatment, prognosis

Osteoarthritis - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Pathology (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Survey on suspected arthritis in systemic scleroderma:

  1. Total blood count (elevated ESR of 50%, hypochromic anemia in 20%, leukocytosis, and less commonly leukopenia).
  2. Urinalysis (protein presence - proteinuria, the presence of oxyproline, one of the metabolites of collagen).
  3. Biochemical blood test (increase of C-reactive protein, serumucoid, fibrinogen, hyperproteinemia, etc.)
  4. Immunological studies (determination of specific autoantibodies in 50-90%: rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibodies to the Scleroderma-70 antigen and others).
  5. Research of microcirculation (capillaroscopy of the nail bed, plethysmography, laser-doppler-flowmetry, and others).
  6. Densitometry (X-ray or ultrasound) - osteoporosis (reduction of bone density).
  7. Roentgenography: the presence of soft-tissue calcium inclusions; Osteoporosis, more pronounced in the nail phalanges of the hands and feet, less commonly in the knee and elbow joints. Osteolysis of phalanges, as well as the fibrous articulation of the joints, the posterior sections of the ribs. In joints - deforming arthrosis with erosion of articular surfaces, thinning of articular cartilage, formation of ankylosis is possible.
  8. Ultrasound study of joints, periarticular tissues and muscles.
  9. Color ultrasound dopplerography of peripheral vessels (disturbance of blood flow due to vascular sclerosis phenomena).

Treatment of arthropathy with systemic scleroderma

  • Medicinal treatment includes:

A) vascular therapy to improve microcirculation, stabilization and prevention of Raynaud's syndrome, the use of vasodilators and drugs that improve the rheological - fluid properties of blood (decreased viscosity, prevent platelet agglutination - antiahhrehanty, anticoagulants, etc.), drugs For stabilization of blood pressure and others.

B) antifibroznoyu therapy (anti-inflammatory and antiskleroziruyuschie drugs that inhibit the enhanced collagen synthesis, corticosteroids).

B) The use of immunosuppressive drugs (usually in the form of courses of intravenous pulse therapy with cyclophosphamide and prednisolone or its analogues).

Arthritis in systemic scleroderma: diagnosis, treatment, prognosis

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