Are hazardous red birthmarks

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Injury of red birth, or hemangiomas, can provoke the development of bleeding, which is often accompanied by the risk of infection.

What are the red birthmarks

Red birthmarks are benign skin neoplasms that evolve from the accumulation of blood vessels. As a rule, the red dot is only the output of the vessel to the surface of the skin and does not present a safety hazard.

At the same time, the area of ​​defeat of deep layers of the subcutaneous cavity can be quite large, and its damage often leads to a deepening of the process of improper development of the vessels.

Causes of red moles

Hemangiomas make up about a third of all benign tumors and often occur in childhood as a result of a circulatory disorder. Red moles can affect any layer of skin and form on a venous arterial or capillary bloodstream.

Types of useful moles or hemangiomas

Depending on the location and structure of red mollusks, distinguish:

Are hazardous red birthmarks
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