Apples will rescue your muscles

The Real Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works For Losing Weight - Must Watch! (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Fruits are able to help get rid of the disease.

With age, muscle strength and weight gradually decrease. Experts suggest that this can be avoided. Previous studies have shown that ursolic acid from apple peel and tomatin contained in green tomatoes can prevent atrophy of the muscles, which is associated with fasting and low levels of activity.

In a new study, scientists again focused on these compounds. The study was conducted on elderly mice with age-related weakness and muscle atrophy. In one group of rodents, researchers added in the diet 0.27% of ursolic acid, and the other - 0.05% tomatin. Animals ate this for two months.

According to experts, both compounds increased muscle mass by 10%. Moreover, the quality of muscle in mice during the study significantly increased. Incidentally, researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that because of lack of activity, muscle mass is lost very quickly. And to restore it, it takes a lot more time.

Apples will rescue your muscles

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