Appendicitis: signs and first aid to the doctor's arrival

How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Appendicitis (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Almost all people know that appendicitis is a disease when cut out inflamed appendages from the abdominal cavity. The most common signs of appendicitis include pain in the right in the lower abdomen, so women often confuse appendicitis with inflammation of the genital organs. But also, doctors note other symptoms that signal the inflammation of the appendix, with the disease may become chronic, which is perhaps safer than the acute form of appendicitis.

What symptoms can be with appendicitis: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, especially evident during movement, raised to 38 degrees body temperature, pallor, and so on. Doctors are advised to immediately call "ambulance" or go to their own hospital. The fact is that inflammation of the appendix can lead to its rupture, which means that pathogenic bacteria will enter the abdominal cavity and lead to a fatal outcome.

The worst appendicitis is passed on to the elderly, although they are more fortunate in terms of the fact that the symptoms of appendicitis are not so strong. Extremely careful to be with children, it is they who, in the acute form of appendicitis, lose consciousness to neither of these, nor poor parents do not know what to do. As soon as a person, regardless of age, appeared pain at the bottom of the abdomen on the right side, it is necessary to immediately call the doctors, because in any case, a qualified specialist will be easier to determine the degree of illness and to make the correct diagnosis.

What can you do before your doctors arrive:

1. Put the patient on the bed and attach something cold to the right side.

2. In no case do not give drink and eat to the patient, nor can you drink any antispasmodics.

3. Wait for the arrival of medical staff and at this time, you can collect all the necessary things for the patient for the hospital: bed linen, a towel, a pajamas, a set of clothes for the season, slippers, personal hygiene products, utensils, etc.

Appendicitis is not treated, a person with an inflamed appendix is ​​operated, and in an urgent manner, as it is impossible to postpone and stop the process of inflammation of the appendage is also impossible. The operation, as a rule, passes very quickly and after it the person is easily restored, though she needs to adhere to a certain diet.

Appendicitis: signs and first aid to the doctor's arrival

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