Anorexia: signs and risk factors

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Promoted on all TV screens and covers of fashion magazines, the sketch of models, which are issued as a prerequisite for a successful and successful life. For some girls it becomes an obsessive idea and eventually grows up in the disease as anorexia - constant dissatisfaction with its appearance body, weight. Such girls and women constantly check the weight, without any medical testimony refuse to eat, systematically seek out any deficiencies in their appearance, artificially cause vomiting, so as not to recover or eat food, spit it out.

People who suffer from anorexia occasionally bat drink pills for weight loss, packaging laxative and diuretics, abuse drugs to suppress appetite, use stimulants and other drugs to reduce weight. You have to be alert if someone from your loved ones or friends starts to disappear constantly in the toilet immediately after taking meals, stay in the nervous tension, conceal and even deny your already unhealthy thinness.

So far, no answers have been found on the causes of anorexia and other disorders of eating behavior. Most likely, many are a set of factors that affects a person and causes a complex psycho-emotional disorder. This includes the common cult of thinning, family environment, and emotional difficulties, and low self-esteem, and traumatic experiences that may have been experienced in the past and genetic predisposition.

It has been noticed that people who suffer from anorexia are often perfectionists - they are excellent students and diligent workers, trouble-free daughters and sons who are trying to make it enjoyable to others. But at the same time they inside feel helpless, not enough "good", and nothing worthy. Through the prism of their rigorous and critical view of oneself, they are not perfect, they consider themselves to be complete nicknames.

Sometimes such people are pressured in a family where they insist on ballet classes or gymnastics, which suggest a rigid abandonment of food in large numbers. It happens that children become anorexical because of cruel control by their parents for each eaten crumble.

It happens that the psyche is influenced by the transitional age or divorce of parents. And there is a genetic predisposition to anorexia.

The consequences of anorexia can be quite severe. When the human body does not receive enough energy, it can not function properly and goes into hunger. At the same time, it slows down all processes - the body tries to save energy, that is, it begins to eat itself. From this suffer both the body and internal organs, and the psyche, and mental abilities.

Anorexia: signs and risk factors
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