Anokuprykovyj a pain syndrome

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Anokuprykovyj a pain syndrome is a pathological state in which there are pains of various character in the area of ​​sacrum and coughing, the anus or perineum.

The anoucyurous pain syndrome requires a comprehensive and thorough examination in order to be able to identify the causes of pain and the purpose of complex treatment, up to surgical intervention.

Causes of anokuprykovogo pain syndrome

The causes of pain in the area of ​​the coccyx and the sacrum are often injuries, such as falling on a hard surface, uncomfortable riding and many others. Sometimes the cause of such a disease can be repeated microtrauma, and, it is precisely the injury can occur long before the manifestation of pain. The causes of anorectal pain, that is, manifestations of anokopchikovogo syndrome, are very diverse, for example:

  • Lowering of the perineum;
  • Violation of the neuromuscular apparatus of the pelvic floor, which is accompanied by spastic contractions of the muscles;
  • diarrhea;
  • Constipation, which is accompanied by complications of rectal emptying;
  • Surgical interventions in the anus, leading to deformation or scarring.

An anus urinary pain syndrome can combine several unpleasant conditions. For example, when coccidiosis, the pain is localized in the area of ​​the coccyx, but with anorectile pain, sensations arise in the anus and in the rectum, so that sometimes it is impossible to localize pain. With proctalgias, the pain can be worn as a permanent nature, and unexpectedly arise without visible for the reasons.

Anokuprykovyj a pain syndrome has the various character of pain sensations: and it is ironic in a perineum, a hip, a buttocks, etc., can also be stupid and prickly sensations. This condition is diagnosed only after the diseases of the pelvic organs in women and prostate gland in men are excluded.

In case of special necessity, consultations are carried out by gynecologist, urologist, neuropathologist and traumatologist, that is, in fact the diagnosis of "anokuprykovyj a pain syndrome" is established only after all other possible organic lesions are excluded.

Treatment of anokopchikovy syndrome

Treatment of anokuprykovogo pain syndrome begins with a set of therapeutic measures that are aimed at correcting all identified violations. As a rule, it is a combined treatment associated with proctologic diseases. The effectiveness of treatment can be provided only by an individual approach for each patient. First, the leading link in the pain complex of symptoms is determined, then combined therapy is applied, in which the arsenal includes:

  • Physiotherapy (ultrasound procedures, rectal darsonvalization, UHF therapy, appliqués, mud tampons);
  • Application of analgesics;
  • The use of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Reflexotherapy;
  • The use of sedative drugs.

When treating anokuprykovogo pain syndrome it is important to correctly identify the causes of the disease and individually choose the therapy.

Anokuprykovyj a pain syndrome
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