Health And Medical Video: Ancylostomiasis (October 2018).


Ancylostomyosis is a disease caused by intestinal parasites, small worms, ankylostomas. They settle in the thin intestine, suction to the walls and suck the blood.

One adult worm can drink up to 0.1 ml of blood per day. If they are several thousand, then the loss of blood grows a thousand times. As a result, the patient develops anemia. In addition, worms emit toxins that affect the spinal cord, and special substances that limit the ability to thicken the blood.

Common ankylostomas, mainly in the tropical and subtropical zone. For people in the middle latitudes danger is made only during tourist trips or business trips to the hottest countries. The centers of ankylostomy can occur in the mines, if there is hot, humid and do not comply with sanitary rules.

Ways of infection

The period of life of ankylasty usually 1-3 years, but they can live longer. Ankylostomy grows violently in the human body. One female is able to postpone up to 10 thousand eggs, which after 8-10 weeks are removed from the body along with faeces.

An ill person does not pose a danger to others, since eggs with ankylosis at the time of selection are not invasive. To maturation, they should lie in the soil for 1,5-2 months. After this, the larvae are able to get into the skin when a person walks barefoot on grass or land infected with ankylostomas, even if the skin is not damaged. And the probability of infection is quite high.

Infection can occur in other ways: when non-compliance with sanitary rules and personal hygiene measures, larvae or worms can get into the body with water or food.


The incubation period of anchovy larvae in the body is 1.5-2 months. At the very initial stage of development after infection, they cause itchy skin, various kinds of rash.

Approximately a month there are nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Before finally settling in the intestines, the larvae migrate around the body, may get into the lungs and cause pulmonary syndrome (wheezing, shortness of breath, Qatar).

Treatment for ankylostomyosis is prescribed by a physician, and an ill person is under dispensary supervision with an annual examination for 4-7 years.

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