An unhappy marriage will cause stroke

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The formation of the thrombus, the very blood clot that destroys your life at one moment, causes negative emotions.


Negative emotions in your head can become just the same cluster of blood - a blood clot - which in one instant destroys all your life.

About fifty years ago, people did not consider psychiatric diseases as medical. Today, we are aware of how interconnected our emotions are with the pathology we have.



First of all, rest assured. If you ask your doctor what are the risk factors for stroke, then he will list the following: high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart disease. If you ask someone who is guilty of a stroke, he will tell you - stress. Uncontrolled stress can "hold" you a thrombus that will interfere with the blood flow in your brain, causing you a sharp jump of blood pressure and thickening blood.

Key point: Take your stress under control.



In recent studies, it has been shown that people who were negatively adjusted, especially aggressive, had an arterial sleep that was thicker than people who could easily walk through life. Naturally, years of development are such a state of affairs, but even in young aggressively minded people, thickening was discovered. What does this lead to? All this as a result can lead to deterioration of blood flow in the brain, depriving it of oxygen. As a result, brain cells die - this is a stroke (ischemic).



Loneliness can literally break your heart. A 4-year study of adult lonely people conducted at the University of Chicago found that lonely people had an increase in blood pressure of 3.6 millimeters each year, regardless of weight, smoking or habit of doing physical exercises. The most probable reason for this is loneliness. Indeed, loneliness is associated with an increased level of stress hormones - cortisol, which causes an increase in blood pressure and, accordingly, increases the risk of stroke.

Dissatisfaction in marriage.

Loneliness does not always mean that one lives alone. Men in a shattered marriage have a 64% higher risk of stroke than those who are happy with their spouse.

If you are unhappy in marriage, then you may feel lonely even without being in social isolation. In this case, everything can develop on the same psychological laws as in solitude.

An unhappy marriage will cause stroke
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