An ideal posture in a sedentary way of life is possible

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While sitting at the computer, practically every person humbles and cuts his head too much, which leads to curvature of the spine and spoiled posture. It turns out that only 20-30 minutes of gymnastics will help not only to level your back, but also to help you lose weight, because active exercises effectively burn fat and normalize metabolism, which is very important in a sedentary way of life.

Plus, after the gymnastics you will improve blood circulation, preventing the risk of diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. And if you do gymnastics right from the early morning, you will receive the necessary amount of vigor and energy for the whole day, you will also have a better mood and you will be able to withstand stress.

Experts have prepared a number of gymnastics exercises, performing which you will always keep your back exactly:

1. Take the stomp leaning and lift one leg, stay in this position for half a minute. Try not to lift it wide, it should be pressed to the floor. Then change the leg and repeat this complex 8-10 times.

2. Now firmly push the leg, bent in the knee, to the chest and stay in that position for 15-20 seconds, then change to another leg. This exercise should be repeated ten times.

3. Sit and tighten your legs to the trunk, bending them in your lap. Now turn the trunk in different directions, putting one hand behind your back. You should feel tension in the lateral muscles during this exercise. Repeat for each side at least 10 times.

4. Taking the rest of the lying down, start to twist, pulling his head to his knees. Try to stay at the very top, and then slowly lower your legs and head down. Such an exercise should be done 5-6 times, it is important not to overdo it.

5. Sit down and spread your legs wide, stretch your arms to the heels first to the right, and then to the left leg. Hold for a few seconds in a tense position when your fingers touch the toes.

6. Stand, lower the torso, cross your arms and pull as far below as possible. Then stretch your hands up, getting on your nosholes, and suddenly with exhalation down again, as if shaking yourself.

7. Go to the wall and rub your hands with it, lift the socks up, standing on the heels, and pull.

Here are some light exercises that will give you extraordinary ease, equal to your back and always beautiful posture.

An ideal posture in a sedentary way of life is possible
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